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Airtel India: everything you need to know about the service in India

Want to send money to your relatives in India or top up your Airtel phone? Always a mess to deal with money transfers? With Airtel India and Monisnap, find a solution to make it quicker and easier. Get rid of these endless and tedious operations thanks to our article!

Airtel service in India

Airtel India: top up online
Airtel India

Bharti Airtel is a company based in India. It was founded in 1995 by Sunil Mittal and is one of the leading network operator in the sub-continent. It’s also present in 15 African countries.

Since a decade from now, Airtel India is providing prepaid and postpaid plans, DTH, home broadband offers with very competitive prices. And for all their offers, they’ve got a lot of add-ons and bonuses, like Amazon Prime Video or Disney+ as well as Airtel Xstreams. In this article, learn a bit more about their prepaid and postpaid plans, and how to recharge your mobile phone with Monisnap!

All the rates of Airtel India

You’ve got to recharge your phone with Airtel? You’ve got to know that from the 30th of December 2019, the minimum monthly recharge for prepaid users increased from Rs 35 to Rs 45. Have a look on the prepaid plans right below to see more about recharges.

And if you need to top-up your phone or someone else’s phone, try Monisnap! With Monisnap, discover a much easier way to top up your Airtel prepaid mobile! Find our offers without any problem and top up your phone in 30 seconds by following the instructions:

  • Inform your country and the phone number of the card you want to top-up
  • Choose your Airtel mobile top-up (India or African countries covered by Airtel)
  • Pay the top-up on the app

Airtel India: find out how to recharge your phone

Airtel India: rates
Airtel India

You live in Mumbai? Or in Chennai? No matter, you can recharge your phone easily. To succeed, just follow these steps:

Using the website:

  1. Go to Airtel website and log in using your MPIN
  2. Click on the “Payment and Recharges” tab
  3. Select “Prepaid Recharge”. Enter your mobile number and select your operator.
  4. Choose the subscription that’s best for you.
  5. Enter the recharge amount and click on “Proceed”.

Using My Airtel app

  1. Log in to My Airtel App and navigate to the Payments Bank Section.
  2. Click on “Recharge”
  3. Select “Mobile”. Enter the mobile number and select your operator.
  4. Choose the subscription that’s best for you.
  5. Enter the recharge amount and click on “Pay now”.

After that, just wait a few seconds and… That’s it! Your phone is completely recharged. For any problem, you can contact Airtel customer care number India at any moment and from any country. Just call 121 from your registered number.

Need to top up Airtel India mobile phone?

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Airtel India: postpaid plans and prepaid plans, how does it work?

Airtel India prepaid plans are simple mobile phone offers. It means you’ll have to pay or recharge for your offer upfront. With prepaid plans, you haven’t any contract and you can switch to another operator. However, these prepaid plans never include bonuses or great deals!

Airtel India postpaid plans are more adapted offers. In this case, you have to pay for your service at the end of the month and the amount correspond to your data usage. If you like to watch videos and listen to music, it also correspond to you. And lots of bonuses too… Have a look on their website and see Airtel India postpaid and prepaid plans! As you can see, Airtel India provides many different offers and you’ll surely find your own among them. From our side, we can also provide you Airtel recharges thanks to Monisnap!

Airtel India: customer care
Airtel India

 Once an Airtel customer, you’ll also benefit from Airtel Money usage… If you need to transfer mobile money, have a look on our solution right below: Monisnap!

Finalize your FREE transfer
with the App


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Downloading the app for free redo

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Send mobile money in India fast and free on an Airtel wallet with Monisnap

Do you often have to send money abroad? Try Mobile money. Mobile money is an alternative money for those who don’t have any bank account. You can use and transfer it as simply as normal currencies. With Airtel India, you can use your Airtel wallet, which contains your Airtel money. Airtel money is available in many countries!

Thanks to Monisnap, you can avoid heavy fees and send money to an Airtel Wallet very fast! Just follow these steps:

  • Identify on Monisnap webpage or mobile app
  • Inform the payee and the amount
  • Confirm. The payee can immediately use the money available in his Airtel’s wallet

💫 I'm lost, what's prepaid and postpaid plans?

When you buy a SIM with data and call limits for the next month, it's prepaid. When it's postpaid, you pay at the end of the month regarding your consumption!

💌 How can I recharge my phone?

With Monisnap, it's simple: go to our website, select the country, the operator, and choose the offer! Then, just confirm and you'll have recharged instantly.

🌏 Can I send money to an Airtel wallet abroad?

Yes, it's easy: with Monisnap, just choose the payee and the amount, and the operation will be over, with low fees!

😀 Why should I choose Airtel?

Airtel is the second operator in India. It has competitive offers, extra-bonuses, and it's compatible with Monisnap!

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