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Airtel mobile money: everything you need to know

You’ve got to send Airtel money to a relative in Uganda? You want to know Airtel mobile money charges in Uganda before? You’ll find all you need about Airtel mobile money in this article! After reading, you’ll be completely ready to make your financial operations… Let’s go!

Airtel mobile money presentation

Bharti Airtel is a huge network company based in India. Airtel is providing mobile phones, TV network, broadband and Airtel money across more than 18 countries! It’s the second largest mobile network in India.

But what’s Airtel money? As many operators do, Airtel is also proposing its own money. For many people, having access to the banking system is really hard: that’s why they need to use an alternative money system, which is Airtel money. It all depends on Airtel network, and you can use it for goods, subscriptions and all your daily needs!

With Airtel money, you’ve got 3 benefits:

  1. Money can be transferred from and to almost anywhere
  2. Transaction costs are lower than with credit card
  3. You can even use it with basic mobile phones

And if these advantages look interesting, use your mobile money with Monisnap!

Airtel mobile money : the service
Airtel mobile money

Airtel mobile money: how it works?

Convinced? Let’s see how to create your Airtel wallet in order to use your Airtel money. First, you’ve got to check if you are an Airtel customer. You’ll absolutely need to be a Airtel customer in order to create your Airtel wallet. The other requisite is to have an ID card or an ID paper. But you also need a smartphone to create your account on the Airtel mobile money app or at least a computer connected to internet.

Then, here is the procedure:

  1. Open your Airtel app on your smartphone (you can also go to the website)
  2. Inform your mobile number
  3. Choose the ID proof you want to use in order to identify
  4. Enter the ID document regarding the one you chose
  5. Verify OTP (Airtel Zambia mobile money code or Airtel Uganda mobile money code)

Your Airtel wallet was created! Then, you’ll be able to send and receive money from your account, following the instructions. You can do this both on the app or the website and you can even pay your bills thanks to your Airtel wallet.

However, as with any money system, there are some charges linked to your Airtel wallet… Let’s see what are these charges and how much they cost! Don’t forget that with Monisnap, you’ll be able to do the same operation with lower fees…

Find all the Airtel mobile money charges!

Airtel mobile money : how does it work
Airtel mobile money

When you send and receive money, there is always a service fee and other charges. Let’s have a look on Airtel Uganda mobile money charges:

Here is the same table with Airtel Zambia mobile money charges for Airtel customers transactions:

With Airtel money, you’ll also need to pay a fee when you withdraw money from your wallet. Here is the list of Airtel mobile money withdraw charges:

You’ll see many other tables about Airtel Uganda mobile money rates on their website!

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Often have to transfer your money abroad? Try mobile money: transfer your money everywhere in the world without traditional currencies’ barriers. With our solution Monisnap, you can your send mobile money with a very fast and easy process to your relatives in Zambia, Uganda, or many other countries!

Just follow these steps:

  • Identify on Monisnap webpage or mobile app
  • Inform the payee and the amount
  • Confirm. The payee can immediately use the money available in his Airtel’s wallet

It’s done, you can already call your relatives and tell them!

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💲 What is mobile money?

Mobile money is a money transfer service relied to network operators and not banks. You can use it for many purposes with less transaction costs.

📞 How can I contact Airtel customer service?

To call Airtel international customer care and get an appreciated answer to your question, try the following number : +91-1800-103-4444. You can also try with this email address: [email protected]

💥 What is Monisnap?

With Monisnap, you can transfer money, mobile money and phone credits directly to your relatives, quickly and with low fees. Try it now!

✈ How do my payee knows the transaction is done?

We will send him an automatic text to tell him! If you want to modify this text, you can do it just before confirming the transaction.

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