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Airtel Money: send mobile money easily

You would like to send money to a friend or family member abroad but do you do not know which could be the best way? You will understand everything about Airtel Money thanks to this article!


Airtel Money

Airtel, actually named Bharti Airtel, is an Indian company created in 1995. It is the first mobile operator in India with 25% of market share. From now on Airtel is very well-established in Africa. Since 2017, a banking branch has been developed called Airtel Payments Bank. It is the first Indian company to receive a licence from the Reserve Bank of India. 

However not everyone could have access to Airtel banking solution that is why they also created a mobile money offer to give all Indians the opportunity to pay for goods, subscriptions or bills.

Airtel Money: make a money transfer
Airtel Money

Airtel Money offers

Airtel Money offers a large panel of products for daily needs. Let’s explain each category!

First of all, by subscribing to an Airtel Money wallet, you can top-up your prepaid mobile. This option is available if you are the customer of one of these mobile operators : Airtel, Vi Prepaid, BSNL, Jio, MTNL Delhi, MNTL Mumbai, Tata Indicom or Tata Docomo. Yet for topping-up postpaid mobile phone, only four of those previous operators are available: Airtel, BSNL, Jio postpaid and VI Postpaid.

Next, you can get your NETC FASTag at an interesting tariff thanks to your Airtel Money wallet. No more problems at the toll during your trips. 

Moreover, you can enjoy a simple way to pay bills not only for digital TV and broadband, but also for electricity, water and gas. 

On top of that, you can benefit from cashbacks on various brands like Amazon, Galf, Hammer, Khadi Essentials, and TAC.  Last but not least, bus tickets are now available for purchase with your Airtel Money wallet.

Send mobile money with Airtel

Consider the following example: you need to send some money to your brother who lives in Africa. 

To do this, you must first check with your brother that he already has an Airtel Money wallet. Note that even if your brother does not have an Airtel mobile he can still open an Airtel Money wallet using his mobile number. 

In the event that he is not a current Airtel Money customer, he can register in just a few minutes. In that case, he has to download My Airtel App. Then he registers on the Payments Bank tab and selects “Get Wallet”. 

Let’s take the example of your brother living in Zambia. How could he activate airtel money zambia? He only needs to add some money. Here you come! By the way if he needs to reset his airtel Zambia mobile money code, he should dial 9900688006 through IVR regardless of his mobile operator. 

Once your brother has activated his Airtel Money wallet, you enter his phone number and the amount you wish to send him. To complete the transaction all you have to do is fill in your banking details. Money will get transferred automatically and you will receive a text to confirm the transaction is completed. 

What are airtel money rates for sending money to Airtel Money Registered Customer? It depends on the country of reception. Thus Airtel Money has many partners to allow Airtel Money customers to receive money from abroad. 

Airtel Money: best offers
Airtel Money

Send mobile money in Ghana

The approach is always the same for each African country. Let’s detail the indications for Ghana. 

First you need to check if your recipient has opened an Airtel Money wallet. If it is not the case, you can have a look at the previous section.

Then you enter the name and the phone number of the recipient and select the amount you want to send. And that’s it!

Send mobile money in Kenya

To send money to your relatives living in Kenya, it is the same approach as Ghana. Tariffs could be a little bit different and depend on the local currency and therefore on the exchange rates. In this instance it is Kenyan shilling or KES.

Send mobile money in Malawi

To send mobile money in Malawi, it is simply the same way as Ghana. Tariffs will be expressed in Malawian Kwacha, MWK.

Send mobile money in Tanzania

To send mobile money in Malawi, it is simply the same way as Ghana. Tariffs will be expressed in Tanzanian shilling, TZS.

Send mobile money in Rwanda

To send mobile money in Rwanda, it is simply the same way as Ghana. Tariffs will be expressed in Rwandan franc, RWF.

Send mobile money in Uganda

To send mobile money in Uganda, it is simply the same way as Ghana. Tariffs will be expressed in Uganda shilling, UGX. 

Here is a table with airtel mobile money charges uganda:

Transaction bandsSending money to Airtel Money customerSending to other network
500 - 5,000100980
30,001 - 60,0005002,595
125,001 - 250,0001,0005,495
1,000,001 - 2,000,0001,00026,500

About airtel money withdrawal charges uganda it depends on both rates and transaction bands.

Transaction BandsWithdrawal from agent - old ratesWithdrawal from agent - new rates
0 - 2,500330330
15,001 - 30,000880880
60,001 - 125,0001,9251,925
500,000 - 1,000,00012,50012,500
1,000,001 - 2,000,00019,80012,500

Reach the Airtel Money customer support

If you have any problem with your Airtel Money, you can call 8800688006, or 400 if you are an Airtel customer. You can also use the following email address: [email protected]. They provide support 24*7.

Need to send money abroad ?

Monisnap, the money transfer fair and easy

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Sending mobile money using the Monisnap application is a simple and secure way to transfer money to an Airtel wallet holder in African countries.

You just have to: 

  • Download the Monisnap app and create your account 
  • Choose the country you want to send money in 
  • Choose the amount you want to send
  • Enter your beneficiary’s mobile phone number

That’s it! Your beneficiary receives the money in an instant directly on his Airtel wallet. He may pay with his phone in his country or withdraw the money in cash.
Still not convinced? Remember, your first mobile money transfer is FREE. If you want to send more money later, it will only cost you 0.99£ per transfer, whatever the amount you want to send, try it now!

🧐 What is Airtel Money?

Airtel Money is an Indian money mobile service, created in 2017.

👀 Can I send money to someone else’s Airtel Money wallet?

Yes! You only need to know your relative's name and phone number. 

🙌 How can I contact the customer service?

You should call 8800688006 regardless of your mobile operator.

👌 How to send money to someone else’s Airtel Money wallet?

With Monisnap, you can transfer money to an Airtel Money wallet holder in the simplest and most secure way.

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