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Airtel prepaid card: how to recharge a prepaid card?

You got a new Airtel prepaid card ? You need some explanation about your prepaid sim card ? Sometimes it can be hard to find your bearings with all these offers. Here is a post that can help you to understand all you need to now about your Airtel prepaid card, here we go!

Airtel prepaid card: presentation

Airtel prepaid card: how to top up
Airtel prepaid card

With Airtel, you can buy a new Airtel connection directly online! Just select the pack you prefer and confirm quick details for scheduling doorstep SIM delivery & KYC. Airtel offers a large choice of prepaid cards, according to your budget, needs and preferences! Let’s see together the packs that you can buy:

  • Truly Unlimited: unlimited calls, data, one year validity (and additional benefits!).
  • Smart Recharge: recharge quickly and easily your Airtel prepaid card for one month.
  • Data: only data.
  • Talktime: only talk time.
  • International Roaming: enjoy the Airtel prepaid card advantages even abroad!

After your selection, you can complete a form to indicate your Name, Mobile Number, if you want to port this number or a new connection, your Location and your House/Flat No. With this information, Airtel can delivers your new prepaid card in no time at all!

When your file is completed, your new prepaid sim card will be activated in 4 hours.

Activate your Airtel prepaid card

That’s it, you have now your Airtel sim card! Let us explain how you can activate your Airtel prepaid card:

  • After completion of the KYC process of your new prepaid connection, wait for 30-60 mins.
  • You will receive signals on your new number after which you need to verify your number.
  • To verify the number, dial 59059 for Airtel.
  • You get directed to an auto-recorded call.
  • Follow the steps as directed on the auto-recorded call.

When you are a new user, it can be difficult to remember your SIM number and your mobile number. If you encounter this problem, here is a simple method:

  • Check if your Airtel prepaid sim card is activated.
  • From main menu, select Phone > Dial.
  • Compose on the dial this USSD code : *282#.
  • Click on the call button.

Airtel will automatically send you a message which says “Hi, your mobile no. is : xxxxxx”. You can note this somewhere!

The easiest solution is to download MyAirtel App: with MyAirtel App, you have a private access to your Airtel mobile number, your sim card, data balance…

You have lost your mobile phone? No panic! To deactivate you Airtel prepaid card, call 121 and explain your situation. Airtel will immediately block your SIM. Also, you can visit your nearest Airtel store to pick up your SIM duplicate: caution! You need to prove that you are the right user with the copy of a FIR, your valid identity and your address proof.

Recharge your Airtel prepaid card

It’s very easy to top up your Airtel prepaid card. In a few clicks, you can select your desired amount of recharge directly online. You can recharge your prepaid card online with your credit card without risk!

You can also use My Airtel App and go to menu, where is a Recharge option:

  • Choose your Mobile, enter your mobile number and select a provider.
  • Pick your favorite plan.
  • Enter the amount and complete the payment.
Airtel prepaid card: online recharge
Airtel prepaid card

Contact the Airtel prepaid card help service

If you encounter a problem with your Airtel prepaid sim card, feel free to contact the customer support. There are 3 simple way to do this: call Airtel for general information at number 121. For active any service, please send “START” to 121. For disable any service, please send “STOP” to 121. If you specifically need to talk, you can also use the number 9810198101 for Prepaid contract only.

Airtel can also meet you if you need more assistance: in the customer service center, you can get in touch with Airtel Nodal Team. Don’t forget your complaint reference number and the details of your grievance!

Need to top up your Airtel card?

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  • Select your top up: indicate your mobile phone number and the required amount.
  • Pay with the options you want (Visa or Mastercard).
  • Enjoy! Your top up is immediately credited.

Choose Allo by Monisnap for the best fees and the quickest recharge! In addition, if you buy 4 top ups, the 5th is free!

🧐 How can I get an Airtel prepaid card?

You can buy an Airtel prepaid card directly online, in the Airtel website.

😃 Can I choose my mobile offer?

Airtel offers a set of mobile plans fitting to your needs!

🚑 How to contact Airtel customer service?

Call Airtel at number 121 for help.

✨ How can I top up quickly and easily with Allo by Monisnap?

With Allo, top up immediately your mobile at the best fees! See in the article how to do it.

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