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Airtel rates: find out all the Airtel rates

You’ve finally arrived in a new country and you want to call back your family in India? You’ve got to send Airtel money to your relatives in Africa? Then, you surely wonder how much this call is going to cost! Don’t panic, in this article, you’ll find all the rates of money transfers and international calls of Airtel mobile.

Presentation of Airtel money rates

Airtel rates: send mobile money
Airtel rates

When you send Airtel money abroad, the Airtel money rates are the same in all countries. Tariffs only depend on the amount of the transaction. Here is a list of Airtel money rates for outbound international transfers. You can find more information on the Airtel money rates pdf available on Airtel website.

List of Airtel's transaction rates

Complete table: transactions and rates

Minimum transaction (Airtel money)Maximum transaction (Airtel money)Rates (Airtel money)
5001,000 900
1,0012,500 900
2,5015,000 1,000
60,001 125,0003,000
125,001 250,0004,500
250,001 500,0008,500

If these rates looks too high, don’t hesitate to try our solution, Monisnap and send your Airtel money at low fees! But now we’ve seen Airtel money rates, let’s have a look on Airtel call rates

All the rates of Airtel receiving countries

Airtel rates: top up your phone
Airtel rates

When you search for the rates of Airtel receiving countries, you’ve got to understand that fees depend on your subscription. You’ll find different tariffs if you search for Airtel prepaid international roaming rates or if you have an Airtel UK call rate cutter. You can find the Airtel roaming call rates on their website, but it’s quite hard to find. Here is a list of some Airtel India international roaming call rates for postpaid mobile offers:

List of Airtel's country rates

Complete table: country and rates

CountryRate (Rs/min)
Afghanistan 17
Australia 12
Bahrain 13
Bangladesh 12
Bhutan 12
China 14
Indonesia 12
Iraq 13
Italy 17
Malaysia 10
Pakistan 14
Saudi Arabia 13
Sri Lanka 14
UK 15
UAE 13

These numbers can change through time but it globally means that Airtel call rates to Saudi Arabia are generally equal to 13 Rs/min. Airtel Sri Lanka to India call rates are close to 14 Rs/min. You can also check prepaid offers ISD call rates which are quite different. With a prepaid offer, India to South Africa Airtel call rates reach 100 Rs/min and Australia call rates from India are now close to 180 Rs/min.

If postpaid and prepaid offers looks unadapted for your ISD calls, you can check their International roaming packs. For example, you’ll have new fees with the ISD Umbrella Pack while calling to over 33 frequently called destinations from India! The Australia call rates from India will be now only 3 Rs/min. All the Airtel India international roaming call rates will be discounted with that kind of offers. It counts with Airtel international SMS rates too.

Airtel rates: buy top up
Airtel rates

Now we’ve seen how it works, let’s see some precise examples of Airtel rates in African countries. Keep in mind that if you need to send credits to someone abroad in order to call him, you can try Allo by Monisnap, our solution to transfer credits almost without fees!

Burkina Faso

List of Airtel Burkina Faso rates

Complete table: offer and rates

OfferRate (Rs/min)
Prepaid mobile25.00
Postpaid mobile35.00
Broadband offer20.00

Unfortunately, Airtel ISD offers don’t cover Burkina Faso and you won’t find discounted rates for this country.


List of Airtel Congo rates

Complete table: offer and rates

OfferRate (Rs/min)
Prepaid mobile100.00
Postpaid mobile46.00
Broadband offer45.00

As for Burkina Faso, you won’t find discounted rates and ISD rate cutter for Congo with Airtel mobile.


List of Airtel Uganda rates

Complete table: offer and rates

OfferRate (Rs/min)
Prepaid mobile17.00
Postpaid mobile26.00
Broadband offer20.00

There are no offers neither for Uganda, but as the country is covered by Airtel money, you’ll also have Airtel Uganda mobile money rates, so look upfront. Now, you want to enjoy ISD calls without paying too much? Look at what we have for you!

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👓 What are Airtel money rates?

When you send Airtel money to another wallet, you've got to pay a fee according to the amount of the transfer.

🍳 When I make an international roaming call, rates are always the same?

Unfortunately, no! Rates are linked to your offer, the country you call from, your destination... Pay attention to the rates, they can be quite high!

🌸 Why should I use Allo by Monisnap?

Allo is our solution to top up your phone fast, easily and with low fees, no matter who is your operator!

🛰 Will I be able to call abroad with no fees?

No, for that you've got to choose an ISD offer, but you can do that on Allo by Monisnap.

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