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Airtel recharge: top up your mobile phone

Your mobile credit is depleted? You desperately need to call a relative? With Airtel, you can recharge your mobile at any moment and as fast as possible! Read in this article how to top up your mobile phone easily with Airtel.

Airtel: how to recharge your phone ?

Airtel recharge: best offers
Airtel recharge

Airtel is a network operator based in India and Africa. A lot of people uses its services every day. The company provides many types of subscriptions for your mobile phone but also prepaid and postpaid SIM. To recharge your phone, there are two different ways! See below.

Using the website

  1. Go to Airtel website and log in using your MPIN
  2. Click on the “Payment and Recharges” tab
  3. Select “Prepaid Recharge”. Enter your mobile number and select your operator.
  4. Choose the subscription that’s best for you.
  5. Enter the recharge amount and click on “Proceed”.

Using My Airtel app

  1. Log in to My Airtel App and navigate to the Payments Bank Section.
  2. Click on “Recharge”
  3. Select “Mobile”. Enter the mobile number and select your operator.
  4. Choose the subscription that’s best for you.
  5. Enter the recharge amount and click on “Pay now”.

In a few moment, your Airtel online recharge should be a success! All the Airtel online recharges last for 28 days. Be sure to have money on your Airtel wallet in order to pay your recharge.

Purchase a prepaid Airtel recharge

On the Airtel website, or on the app, you shall find the different kinds of Airtel prepaid recharges available. All these offers are adapted to your credit consumption !

  • From 100MB to 30GB internet data for your phone with a daily threshold
  • Unlimited outgoing calls with SMS daily threshold

For customers who need an adaptative prepaid recharge for international travels, Airtel also offers International Roaming Packs, including : free incoming calls, cheap outgoing calls, free data and SMS starting from 296/day in the Airtel covered countries.

In order to purchase your Airtel prepaid recharge, you can also go to an Airtel reseller who will furnish you the recharge with a PIN code.

Seems too complicated? Don’t hesitate to try Allo by monisnap and discover a much easier way to top up your Airtel prepaid mobile! Find our offers without any problem and top up your phone in 30 seconds by following the instructions:

  • Inform your country and the phone number of the card you want to top-up
  • Choose your Airtel mobile top-up (India or African countries covered by Airtel)
  • Pay the top-up on the app
Airtel recharge: prices
Airtel recharge

Lots of other offers are available on Allo by monisnap. Visit our website or download our App to get in touch!

Recharge your phone online with Airtel

In order to recharge your phone online, you don’t necessarily have to be a former Airtel customer or to already have a subscription. That’s why Airtel offers very interesting plans for your first recharge, including free internet data and free SMS. Since 2019, the company decided to become the most competitive in India and Africa for new customers. Now, their offers are leading the market in terms of first recharges.

Airtel recharge: mobile credit
Airtel recharge

If can’t download the app in order to recharge your phone you can still use the Airtel top up online. Through Airtel’s website, whether you are in India, Madagascar or other covered African countries, you shall top up your mobile phone. As you’ve read below, you just have to follow the steps and inform your phone number and the prepaid recharge that you want to purchase.

After that, just enjoy your recharge by calling your family and your friends! With Allo by Monisnap, downloading the app isn’t necessary neither. You can just go on our website and top up your phone!

Top up in 1mn your phone with Allo by Monisnap

Need to top up your Airtel phone?

Monisnap, top up quickly and easily

Top up in 1 minute!

You can also benefit from Airtel top up in record speed with Allo by Monisnap. To do so, you only need to access the Allo page here, enter your country and phone number and pick the voucher with the amount that fits you the best. No card-issue restrictions this time!

In order to benefit from the Airtel Top up in one minute with Allo, you’ll need to log into your Allo account before paying. If you don’t have an account yet, do not hesitate to create one right now! You can do so by going to the home page.

As for the prepaid credit cards, you can also Top up a friend or a family member’s Airtel phone credit with Allo by Monisnap. In order to do so, you simply need to follow the steps we have just described using your friend’s number instead of your own. Yes, it really is that easy!

📞 Where can I top up my phone with an Airtel recharge?

Download the Airtel app, or go on Airtel's website. But if you don't know Allo by Monisnap, it's time to discover a new solution, easier and quicker!

🙌 How can I purchase and Airtel prepaid recharge?

On Airtel's website or on your Airtel app, just enter your phone number or your MPIN code and select the recharge you need. You can also go to an Airtel reseller, or try Allo by Monisnap!

🤔 Is Airtel a safe network operator for my mobile money?

Airtel is one of the best network operator in India, present in 18 African countries. Airtel's money relies on the company's network, which is secured and reliable.

✔ Why should I use Allo by Monisnap to top up my phone?

With Allo by Monisnap, you can top up for phone quickly, easily and at the best prices. Try it now!

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