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Airtel share price: current and prediction

You are interested by Airtel money but you wonder if Bharti Airtel is safe enough ? Wo won’t ? In this article, you’ll find all you need for an overlook of the company’s financial condition. No sophisticated numbers here, just a brief introduction !

The history of Airtel share price

Airtel share price: send money abroad
Airtel share price

Bharti Airtel is a network operator founded in India in 1995 by the businessman Sunil Bharti Mittal. Since then, the company tremendously grew up in India and worldwide. With a lot of acquisitions in the telecom industry, Bharti Airtel stopped its rapid growth around 2008. The company was confronted to the harsh competitiveness of the telecom sector. In 2010, Bharti Airtel initiated a strategical reorganization with the acquisition of Zain in 15 African countries and a new rebranding. That also conducted to the increasing part of Singtel into Bharti Airtel shareholdings.

As for many network operators, Bharti Airtel Limited share price known a sensational rise between 2005 and 2010. The share price 85,37 INR in December 2005 and grew up until 454,73 INR in December 2010. After that, Bharti Airtel share price had to face a stabilization face during almost 8 years. During this time, the share price balanced between 227 INR and 480 INR. That’s only since 2018 that the company recognizes a regular rise of its share price which attained 593,20 INR in May 2020.

That’s it with the history, let’s have a look on the actuality now !

The current Airtel share price

Bharti Airtel Limited share price recent history is linked to the introduction of Airtel Africa on the London Stock Exchange. Airtel Africa Limited share price on the LSE was 65 GBX on the 12th of October 2020, the equivalent in dollars is 0,84 USD. The company entered on the LSE in 2019, being the biggest valuation of the year. After a deep fall between March and June 2020 due to the Covid-19 crisis, Airtel Africa share price jumped again to reach 63 GBX on July 2020 and overcame the market’s quake.

The difficult introduction of 2019 onto the market damaged Airtel rates during many months. The Covid-19 crisis accentuated this process and since January 2020, Airtel Africa and Bharti Airtel were downgraded to BBB rate on the LSE. Thanks to its jump in recent months, the rate climbed to AAF. In 2020, Airtel Africa also opened itself to local markets as in Nigeria and Malawi. The excellent results of Airtel Africa in the last weeks also belongs to the success of Airtel money, the mobile money of the operator.

Airtel share price: rates
Airtel share price

In recent months, Bharti Airtel faced the covid-19 crisis like everyone else and on the 24th March 2020, the share price was only 404,70 INR before climbing up to 594,55 in May 2020. Since then, Bharti Airtel share price decreased quickly and on the 16th of October, it downgraded to 401,65 INR. A difficult moment for the company which is paying 3 different moves :

  • The covid-19 crisis damaged the company’s share price and introduced strong fluctuations
  • The company’s strategy on 5G consists in a heavy investment on R&D, the revenues are expected in a far future
  • The growing part of Singtel in Bharti Airtel’s shareholdings puts a blur on the company’s future

Need some predictions about Airtel share price ? Let’s see that together !

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All the forecasts of Airtel share price

Bharti Airtel share price prediction looks quite easy to make according to some specialists. The company’s investments in R&D were made to seek meaningful revenue in the next 3-4 quarters and create new streams of revenue. The company has set a five-year target to emerge as a strong player in the space of 5G telecom.

Airtel share price: fees
Airtel share price

As the company is actually building for the future and suffering from heavy costs in R&D and strategical shift, Airtel share price forecast approaches a slow but regular growth in the next years. As the company’s share-price attained one of its lower rates since 2015, the rebound is near. Actually, since the 19th of October, the share price is rising again… Now you are reassured, it would be a nice moment to try Monisnap and transfer Airtel money to your relatives !

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🤔 What's the history of Bharti Airtel Limited ?

Airtel was born in 1995. Since then, it has known a rapid growth in the beginning of the XXIth century as one of the biggest network operator and telecom firm of India !

🤑 How is Bharti Airtel share price ?

Airtel share price was decreasing since March 2020 but since October 16th, it has rise again. Now, share price is 419,50 INR.

🏢 Should I trust the company's strength ?

Of course ! Bharti Airtel made some investments in R&D to become a leader of the 5G in India during next years. Share price is going to increase again !

🔥 How can I send money to an Airtel wallet then ?

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