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Giffgaff sim: top up credit and data in 1mn!

Are you currently located in the UK and looking for a great sim deal? You don’t know which operator to choose? Give Giffgaff sim a try! 

If you are looking for a new operator or just want a fast sim deal, Giffgaff might just be the right solution for you. Giffgaff has great deals for your credit call and data needs and a fast top up service in case your plan runs out too fast.  

Once you have obtained your Giffgaff sim card, keep in mind that you can also use Monisnap (ex Allo) for a quick and easy top up. 

In this article you will learn everything you need to know on Giffgaff’s sim deals. Enjoy the reading! 

Giffgaff presentation

Giffgaff sim: top up
Giffgaff sim

Giffgaff is a mobile network operator available only in the United Kingdom. Giffgaff is a subsidiary of O2, another telecommunications service provider; both companies are owned by the Spanish group Telefónica. 

Giffgaff was launched in 2009 as a prepaid sim service that doesn’t offer subscription plans, compared to other mobile network operators in the UK. Giffgaff has a variety of Pay As You Go bundles that they like to name “goodybags”, which include call credit, texts and mobile data with 4G and 5G frequencies.

The company also commercializes mobile devices that can be paid in full or on a monthly basis. Even if customers choose the “Pay monthly” option, they do not also engage for a call credit or data plan.

Do you want to know more about Giffgaff’s sim only deals? Read the section below and choose your goodybag!

What are the Giffgaff sim deals? 

As mentioned above, Giffgaff provides sim only deals, meaning you don’t need to sign a two-year deal. You can however choose for your plan to be automatically renewed each month if you don’t want to do so yourself. 

If you ever use all of your credit call and data before your plan is renewed, you can easily top up with Monisnap (ex Allo)! Just add credit and use it right away for your calls or data needs. 

Here are the details about the main Giffgaff sim deals. There are two main categories for their “goodybags”: Golden, providing 5G frequency, and Basic, for all the other devices non compatible with 5G. In the tables below you will see what you are able to get for your money when choosing a GiffGaff sim deal. 

List of Giffgaff sim deals

Table complete: price, data, 5g, unlimited UK calls and texts, EU roaming and no contract

PriceData5G ReadyUnlimited UK calls and textsEU roaming No contract
£109GB Yes

If your phone is not compatible with 5G, take a look at the Giffgaff sim only Basic plans below and choose the one that suits your needs best!

List of Giffgaff sim basic plans

Table complete: price, data, unlmited UK calls and texts, EU roaming and no contract

PriceDataUnlimited UK calls and textsEU roaming No contract

If you are unsure of which plan is best for you, Giffgaff has a data calculator available, which will provide you with the best options, based on your input. 

Anyway, do not worry if your plan isn’t a match from the beginning, you can switch it every month from your Giffgaff account or simply choose a top up using Monisnap (ex Allo).

Giffgaff sim: how can I activate my sim? 

If you have chosen your Giffgaff sim deal, all you have to do now is order your free sim card and activate it. You will receive your card by post, within 1-2 working days in the UK and 5 in Europe. 

If you want to activate your sim, go to Giffgaff’s page “Activate” and enter your activation code from your bundle or your voucher. Then, pop the sim card into your phone. That’s it! 

Once you get service on your mobile device, you can start using it if you have an active sim deal or a top up.

How can I top up my Giffgaff sim card?

There are two ways in which you can top up your Giffgaff sim card: by credit card or by voucher. 

If you choose to top up by credit card, all you have to do is log into your Giffgaff account, using your email and password and pay the amount you wish to top up via Credit/Debit Card or Paypal. The top up will automatically be transferred to your sim card.

You can also choose to set auto top ups, by inputting your bank details and the amount you wish to top up every month. 

Top up by voucher can be done online or by phone. 

To top up online, you will need to log into your Giffgaff account and input the number you’ll find on your voucher. Vouchers can be bought from supermarkets, kiosks, gas stations, mobile dealers etc.. The amount you choose can be used as it is, and you will just be charged for your minutes and data consumption, or you can use it to buy a goodybag. 

If you cannot log into your account, you can also redeem your voucher by calling 43430. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be all set in a couple of minutes. 

All good? We hope you enjoy your Giffgaff sim!

Top up in 1mn with Monisnap (ex Allo)

Giffgaff sim: top up online
Giffgaff sim

Do you want to top up a friend’s phone number in just one minute? Use Monisnap (ex Allo)!  

You can purchase mobile top ups for call credit or mobile data at the exact same fares that you find on Giffgaff. 

Here’s how it works: 

  • Choose the mobile and the amount you wish to top up 
  • Pay securely on our platform using your Visa or Mastercard 
  • Enjoy your instantly credited top up 

As a bonus, for each top up, mobile or data, you earn one loyalty star. Four stars equal one top up with zero fees.

Use Monisnap (ex Allo): fast, easy and secure!

🌎 Are international calls part of the Giffgaff sim deals?

No, if you want to place an international call, you will be charged extra for it. Fortunately, Giffgaff has great rates for international calls.

📞 How can I reach Giffgaff’s Customer Service?

If you have an issue with your GiffGaff sim deal, you have several options:

  •       Check the FAQ and the Knowledge Base

  •       Get some help on Giffgaff’s community forum

  •       Go to your account and ask for an agent

💳 How do I check my Giffgaff credit balance?

If you want to check your balance, you can either: 

  • log into your Giffgaff account and check it there

  • dial *100# from your mobile

🧭 Can I find the same Giffgaff mobile top up plans on Monisnap (ex Allo) as on their website?

Exactly! With Monisnap (ex Allo), all the Giffgaff mobile prepaid plans are available! Data, texts, calls : all that you need is available and affordable with Monisnap (ex Allo)!


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