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Lycamobile international bundle: call your loved ones around the world

Hey there! You are a Lycamobile customer or will be soon and need to get information on Lycamobile international bundle? You’re at the right place! We will give you all useful information so you can benefit from the best offers and call friends and family in some other countries!

Discover Lycamobile international bundle!

Lycamobile national and international bundle

Lycamobile international bundle: top up your phone
Lycamobile international bundle

Lycamobile is a British mobile virtual network operator which operates in 60 countries. It is one of the biggest mobile virtual network operator.

The brand is active in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Since its launch in the Netherlands in 2006, Lycamobile has more than 16 million pay-as-you-go customers worldwide.

Lycamobile provides mostly national or international bundle. Lycamobile allows you to benefit from great and affordable offers including data, texts and minutes.

Whether you need a simple top up or a whole Lycamobile UK Plan, Lycamobile could answer to your needs.

Lycamobile provides several bundles, all different so you can find the one that fits your needs and expectations!  Some Lycamobile UK plans are also unlimited in all points.

If you’re looking for the cheapest UK mobile plan with everything you need, try our UK Plan Smart. With 1,000 UK minutes and texts, 2GB of national data, along with 100 international minutes and unlimited Lyca-to-Lyca calls, it’s one of the best  and cheapest Lycamobile UK SIM-only deals, costing as little as £5 for 30 day.

If you’re a great user of UK texts and minutes, Lycamobile National Plus plan is unlimited with both in UK!

Of course, if you don’t need a 30 days plan and don’t want to pay more than what you need and use, Lycamobile UK also provides Sim only deals so you just need to order a free SIM and choose you plan.

Here are main national Lycamobile national bundles:

List of Lycamobile national bundles

Complete table: price, data, minutes, texts and international minutes

_National plan extraUK plan super extraGo unlimited Go unlimited plusNational plusUK plan daily saverUK plan mega plusUK plan smart
Price£ 12.00£ 12.00£ 12.50£ 15.00£ 5.00£ 12.00 £ 20.00 £ 5.00
Data20GB+5GB Auto renewal50GBUnlimited Unlimited 10GB30GB (1GB Per Day)100GB 2GB
International minutes100100100Unlimited100100_100

We guess you are here to know how to call abroad and to learn about Lycamobile international bundles! Lycamobile international bundles allow you to call at the international, in a defined list of countries. Each one contains more or less international minutes, national minutes, texts and data. Here are all Lycamobile international bundles:

List of Lycamobile international bundles

Complete table: price, data, UK minutes and UK texts and international minutes

_All in one 10Lyca GlobeAll in one plus 15All in one Plus 20
Price£ 4.95£ 10.00£ 7.50£ 10.00
UK minsUnlimited_UnlimitedUnlimited
UK textsUnlimited_UnlimitedUnlimited
International minutes500Unlimited Lyca to Lyca calls + 3000 international mins or 1000 mins to India UnlimitedUnlimited

How to get Lycamobile top up bundles international?

To get a Lycamobile international bundle is easy. You just have to go on Lycamobile website, in the plan section, select “international. Then, choose the Lycamobile international bundle you want by selecting “buy now”.

You can also call a number or text another one with a code. You can find some of them, the most popular ones, below.

Lycamobile 10 bundles codes international

To get Lycamobile all in one 10 international bundle, Dial 1392541# and follow the instructions on the screen or text 2541 to 3535.

Lycamobile international bundle: rates
Lycamobile international bundle

Lycamobile 15 bundle code international

You might be interested by Lycamobile all in one plus international bundle! To get it, just dial *139*544# and follow the instructions on the screen or text 544 to 3535.

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With Monisnap, you can buy credit top up from many operators including Lycamobile, with the most competitive rates on the market! Monisnap is here to make your work easier and to allow you to benefit as simply as possible from credit or internet top-ups.

It is quite simple. Either on the website of Monisnap or on the mobile application:

  • Enter the country and phone number you want to top up
  • Choose the Lycamobile data top-up you want
  • Pay on our secure website

You are all set! The beneficiary's mobile will then be credited in one of the following ways depending on the top-up purchased:

  • If it is an "Instant top-up", it will be automatically credited to the recipient's mobile, who will receive a confirmation SMS
  • If it is a "PIN top-up", you will receive a PIN code by email and on your customer area with the instructions to follow to top up the mobile

The type of recharge (instant or PIN) is indicated in the description of each recharge.

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❓ What is Lycamobile?

Lycamobile is a mobile virtual network operator which offers severals plans, prepaid sim cards and credit or data top up to call locally and internationally!

🤔 How to get one Lycamobile international bundle?

Lycamobile bundle can be got with some codes. Find them in the article above!

💰 How can I top up?

It's simple! Just go on the website of Monisnap or on the phone application to top up in a minute!

💡 Why should I use Monisnap?

Because it is the more simple, fastest and cheapest way to top up your phone! No hidden fees!

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