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Mobile Money MTN code: how does it work

If you’re looking for a mobile money service that’s safe and easy to use, MTN MoMo might just be the solution for you. In this article we will focus on one of the most important parts for secure mobile money transfers, the Mobile Money MTN code: what it is, how to use it. 

Sending mobile money should be an easy process, both for the sender and the receiver. Thanks to Mobile Money MTN, you can also be sure your transfers are safe. Find out more information about the MTN Mobile Money code requirements in this article. Enjoy!

MTN Mobile Money: presentation             

MTN mobile money, or MoMo, for short is a service allowing people to make payments using accounts held by a mobile operator, in this case, MTN, and accessible from users’ mobile phones.

The solution comes as an alternative to people who don’t own a bank account or where the banking system is still underdeveloped or very expensive. Mobile money is encouraged to use as opposed to cash. Transactions are very easy to make, either to pay merchants or to transfer money from one account to another.

MTN developed the Mobile Money solution in 2018, the first country to use it being Ghana. In the sections below, you can see examples of how MTN money works and its many uses.

Mobile money MTN  code: all information
Mobile money MTN code

All the rates of MTN Mobile Money

MTN has different rates for its mobile money transfer services, depending on the country and region. Based  on the sum and the service type, the rates can vary. You can check most rates on each country’s website. Here’s a list that will help you: 

When you make a transfer, if you want to be sure of your rate, you can always send mobile money on a MTN wallet using Monisnap. The first transfer is always free and the follow ups are charged at 0,99£, no matter the sum.

Mobile Money MTN code: how does it work?

In order to access the Mobile Money MTN code feature, you first have to become a member of MoMo. Being a customer for the other MTN services, such as having an MTN phone number is not enough to use mobile money. 

The Mobile Money MTN code is rather simple to obtain. To register as a MoMo customer, you will be required to provide proof of identity and of address. Once it is done, you will be given your login info and you’ll have to set up a 4-digits pin that will serve as your Mobile Money MTN code. 

You will use it every time you want to make a transaction so make sure it’s something you remember easily. Avoid birthdays or other combinations that are easy to guess so that you can safely enjoy the MoMo services.

How to register MTN Mobile Money: create and manage your account online

In order to register and receive your Mobile Money MTN code, you can either go to a MTN partner shop or do it online. Follow the steps below create and manage your account online: 

  • Go on the MTN mobile money website corresponding to your country
  • Click on “Register” 
  • Enter your username (phone number and Mobile Money MTN code)
  • Input the one-time code that you will receive on your phone from MTN
  • Keep the password MTN will create for you or choose a secure one that you can remember easily 
  • Repeat the password 
  • Dial *126*1# to authorize your phone to access MTN mobile money 

You’re done! You can now manage your account from the MoMo app. Make sure you remember your credentials (username and Mobile Money MTN code) as you’ll need them for every transaction.

How to reach MTN Mobile Money Customer Service?

MTN Mobile Money does not have a centralized Mobile Money Customer Service, each country has its own. On the links below you will find the Customer Service details for the countries in which MTN has a majority of market shares. 

Send mobile money fast and free on an MTN Mobile Money wallet with Monisnap

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Send mobile money on a MTN Mobile Money wallet within a couple seconds. Here’s how it works:

  • choose the mobile and the amount you wish to transfer
  • pay securely on our platform using your Visa or Mastercard
  • your recipient will get the money transferred directly into their mobile wallet

The bonuses for using the Monisnap solution? Your first transfer is always free and the next ones, no matter how many, will cost you exactly 0,99£!

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🚩 What is mobile money ?

Mobile money is a solution to transfer money using your phone to a mobile wallet. The transfer won’t be processed by a bank but by a mobile operator.

❓ How can mobile money be used?

You can use mobile money to pay for bills, groceries and other necessities directly from your mobile wallet. You can also withdraw the cash from a partner although a fee will be perceived for this operation.

How do I register MTN?

To get MTN code is simple! You'll need your ID card and adress information before you can get the 4-digits code linked to your sim and account to register!

🤔 Where can I send mobile money using Monisnap?

You can send mobile money in over 80 countries using Monisnap. We have partners all over the world. Check our website for more details.

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