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Mobile money transfer India: everything you need to know

You live in India or visit India regularly and you are looking for an easy and quick way to send money in India? Find out about mobile money, and how to proceed to top up your phone. Find everything you need to know about the service. Do not miss the opportunity to make your life easier and send mobile money easily with Monisnap!

Mobile money: what is this?

Simply put, mobile money allows individuals to receive, hold and spend money using their cell phone. With mobile money, your phone number is your account number! You may also have seen it under the name of "mobile wallet", or under the trade name of the intermediary! There are over 260 mobile wallet services around the world, most of them located in Africa, Asia or Latin America.

Most of the time, mobile money is offered by your telephone operator, regardless of your plan (prepaid or monthly payment).

Mobile money meets several daily payment needs. It is as possible to transfer money to your friends to pay them back as to pay bills or a restaurant bill! In some countries, there is a link between mobile payments and physical branches, as it is possible to withdraw your money there! Users particularly appreciate the simplicity of use, the security, and the ease of these solutions: a simple phone signal is enough to send or receive money.

Mobile money transfer india: rates
Mobile money transfer india

Mobile money: how does it work?

The service allows users to store, send and receive money using their cell phone. They can purchase items in stores or online, pay bills, pay school fees and top up their mobile credit. They can also withdraw money from authorized agents.

If the user wants to pay a bill or send money to someone, they simply select the corresponding service from the mobile wallet menu on their phone. The service is very easy.

A mobile wallet money transfer is a fast, easy and secure transaction in which a sender sends money from their bank, credit/debit card or mobile wallet account to another mobile wallet account. For a transfer to take place, the recipient must have a mobile wallet account, and the sender must know the recipient's mobile wallet account number. The funds can then be transferred instantly.

A mobile wallet operator is a mobile money service provider that develops and delivers financial services via cell phones and cell phone networks.

In India, the mains mobile wallet operators are Idea, Jio, Vodafone M-pesa, Airtel.

How to send mobile money in India?

One of the main advantages of mobile money is that it never stops: you can send and receive money 24/7! Taking the plunge and starting to send money from your cell phone? Follow these instructions:

  • Ask for your beneficiary's mobile money number (normally equal to their phone number)
  • Ask for their mobile money operator
  • Pay for the shipment
  • The money is immediately credited to your recipient's mobile account!
  • As soon as the money arrives on the account, your recipient receives a notification!

There are several ways to send money in India, depending on which operator you use.

All the rates to send mobile money in India

The fees for sending and withdrawing mobile money transfers vary depending on the operator that administers the mobile money wallet.

Ask the recipient which operator they use and go to the operator's website to find the charges applied.

Get a standardized rate and a fast and easy way to send mobile money using Monisnap!

Need to send money abroad?

Monisnap, the money transfer fair and easy

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Send mobile money in India faster and cheaper with Monisnap

The easiest way to send mobile money is Monisap! Monisnap is a money transfer service that enables you to send money in more than 100 countries and via several mobile money wallet operators in India.

Monisnap's purpose is to allow you to make money transfers in a simple, fast, secure, and fair way.

Sending mobile money using the Monisnap application is a simple and secure way to transfer money to a mobile money wallet holder in India.

Monisnap allows you to centralize your means of sending money on a single application, whether from your computer or your smartphone. Our fees are the most attractive in the market, no matter how much money you want to send Monisnap only takes 0.99£ commission! And the first transfer is free!

You just have to:

  • Download the Monisnap app and create your account
  • Choose the country you want to send money in
  • Choose the amount you want to send
  • Enter your beneficiary’s mobile phone number

That’s it! Your beneficiary receives the money in an instant directly on his wallet. He may pay with his phone in his country or withdraw the money in cash.

Still not convinced? Remember, your first mobile money transfer is FREE. If you want to send more money later, it will only cost you 0.99£ per transfer, try it now!

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💰 What is mobile money?

Mobile money is a way to send, receive and save money only with your phone without a bank account!

💸 How to send mobile money?

With Monisnap, you can send mobile money for your mobile or for a beloved one! All in just a few seconds with the Monisnap app.

🤔 What are the rates to send mobile money in India?

Mobile money transfer's rates depends on the operator you choose to send money! Each one have specific rates for several services and featurs! In any case, Monisnap allows you to get the best rates!

💡 Why should I use Monisnap?

With Monisnap, you can send money to anyone in more than 100 countries no matter the operator of your recipient!

In less than 1 minute, with the lowest fees on the market and an easy process, Monisnap facilitates your money transfers.

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