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Mobile money transfer : the easiest way to send money abroad

Have you ever heard about mobile money? Have you ever dreamt about sending money to your relatives in another country quickly and easily? Your dreams will come true with mobile money. It’s not so new, but it’s definitely revolutionary! Read how to make your mobile money transfer in this article…

Mobile money : presentation

Mobile Money Transfer : send money
Mobile money transfer

If you’ve never heard anything about mobile money, it’s time to learn a bit about it. With mobile money, you’ll get access to a whole world of possibilities. It’s easier, and it’s quicker.

Traditionally, when you had to send money abroad, you used to do it through your bank. Banks have always been the unique intermediary for your money transfers, especially abroad. Then, you had to wait some days in order to achieve your transfer. Also, you were charged with service fees but also with some inexplicable commissions that almost appeared on your statement. This time is over.

With mobile money, there is an alternative to the banking system. For many people in the world, having access to the banking system is impossible or forbidden. For 250 million people, mobile money is an access to monetary services thanks to their smartphones!

What’s mobile money? It’s a way to receive, keep and spend your money through your mobile phone. Your bank account or “mobile wallet” is your phone. This monetary service is held and managed by your network operator. In the world, there are more than 260 mobile money services: Mpesa, AirtelMoney, Tigo Pesa, GCash…).

Basically, that means you can transfer money via mobile number. The operation will process through your operator’s network: it’s an online mobile money transfer.

How does mobile money transfer work ?

Mobile money transfer : send money
Mobile money transfer

It’s time to answer the real question: how does mobile money transfer work? The process is very simple. You can do it at any time as mobile money services never stop. To proceed to a mobile money transfer operation, take your mobile phone and follow these steps:

  1. Ask for the mobile money number of your recipient (usually, it’s his mobile number)
  2. Ask him for his mobile money operator (Orange, Airtel…)
  3. Set the amount and finalize the transfer
  4. Entre the PIN code that was sent to you
  5. The mobile money is immediately credited to his mobile wallet!

That’s it, your mobile money transfer is done. Much quicker than with a bank, isn’t it? However, you can’t send mobile money completely free, you have to respect these conditions:

  • Sender must be have an mobile wallet
  • Sender and receiver must be completely registered to their operator
  • The amount can’t exceed the threshold fixed by the operator

The PIN code is very important and is used by every mobile money operator: Airtel, Acces Bank, Orange, Mpesa… It’ll be also very important if you want to withdraw your money. How to do that? It’s quite simple.

If you want, you can withdraw your mobile money from your wallet and get cash money instead. To do that, you’ll have to go to a store or a retailer that is accredited by your operator. You can do you mobile money transfer into a post office. If it’s with Access Bank, proceed to the operation with your intermediary and give him the mobile money transfer code for Access Bank that you’ve received.

You’ll go out of the shop with your cash!

In which country can we send mobile money ?

Mobile money transfer : send money
Mobile money transfer

Mobile money is now present in lots and lots of countries. Most mobile network agents are providing mobile money services to their users but especially in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. What does that mean? It means that the countries where you can send mobile money depends on your operator.

As an example, if you want to make a mobile money transfer to Kenya, you’ll just need to check that your recipient’s mobile money is available in the country. There are lots of countries where you can send mobile money, but it depends on your own situation and the recipient’s location!

Check the operators before: for example, Mpesa is present in Kenya, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Congo, South Africa and Eastern Europe. You might find your solution with them. Although you want to discover another solution with Monisnap…

Send mobile money home easily with Monisnap

If you often have to transfer money abroad but you are not convinced either by traditional banks or mobile money, Monisnap is your solution! As fast and easy as mobile money, but much more cheaper… We don’t charge you like banks or operators, we just give you a propre money transfer service…

Just do like this:

  • Identify on Monisnap webpage or mobile app
  • Inform the payee and the amount
  • Confirm. The payee can immediately use the money available in his Airtel’s wallet

It’s done, your relatives received your gift!

đźš© What is mobile money ?

Mobile money is a another way to transfer money through your mobile phone using your mobile wallet: your money isn't managed by your bank but by your operator!

🌍 Where can I use it?

Mobile money operators are present in almost every continent. Your mobile wallet will be useful in countries where your mobile operator is present, or if there are accredited retailers to withdraw cash!

đź’˛ What can I do with mobile money?

You can use your mobile money to withdraw cash, to pay for essential goods and services or just to transfer it abroad!

🙄 Is mobile money safe ?

As for traditional money transfers, mobile money is managed thanks to huge and encrypted networks which are secured by the operators themselves. That's why you don't need to worry about it.

Yannis Rahal

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