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Mpesa Kenya: everything you need to know about the service in Kenya

You need to send money to your family in Kenya? Monisnap is here for you! In this post, we’ll see all you need to know to do your first mobile money transfer. After that, you will be able to use this service as if you had always done it! Say thanks to Monisnap.

Mpesa service in Kenya

Mpesa Kenya: send mobile money
Mpesa Kenya

Mpesa is really famous in Kenya. The first launch of the service was by the Kenyan mobile network operator Safaricom, in March 2007. The service was a huge success, reaching 17 million subscribers by December 2011 (just in Kenya), so the formal banking institutions had to include it to the market.

Mpesa provides a set of services; the users can make a deposit or withdraw their money thanks to their providers. They act as bank agents, even if they aren’t considered as banking establishment.

They offer many services among which there are:

  • Deposit and withdraw money,
  • Transfer money to other clients or to non-clients,
  • Pay bills,
  • Buy communication credits,
  • Transfer money between the Mpesa service and another bank account,
  • Get an online loan that you receive instantly on your Mpesa account.

Mpesa has great effects on poverty in Kenya: the access to Mpesa increased the way of life of Kenyans. That reputation enables to Mpesa to expand his market in Tanzania, Afghanistan, South Africa, India…

All the rates of Mpesa Kenya

Withdrawals rates of Mpesa Kenya

List of Mpesa Kenya withdrawals rates

Complete table: amount sent and charges

Min(KSHs)Max(KSHs)Mpesa charges

Rates for transfer to other Mpesa users in Kenya

List of Mpesa transfer rates in Kanya

Complete table: amount sent and charges

Min(KSHs.)Max(KSHs.)Mpesa Charges

For more information about the rates, you can go on Safaricom website.

Mpesa Kenya: how to receive mobile money?

First, to use Mpesa, you need to register. To register, please visit an Mpesa agent at a Safaricom Retail Centre and present your Safaricom mobile and a valid ID (your Kenyan national ID, passport, foreigner certificate, foreign passport…). After confirmation, you’ll receive a PIN to active Mpesa on your phone. Use this code on the Safaricom Menu:

  • Select your language (you can choose English or Swahili)
  • Press the button Activate (or Wezesha)
  • Enter the PIN that you are received
  • You will receive a confirmation message with your balance.

You have now the Mpesa menu on your phone, with Safaricom. You can send money, withdraw cash, buy Airtime, ask for loans or see your account and your information.

What can you do if you are in a country that don’t use Mpesa, like Uganda? If you need to send Mpesa but you have an Airtel account, don’t worry! Mobile Money interoperability is a service that enables seamless transfer of funds from one mobile money account to another across networks. Please follow the steps to send money from Airtel Money to Mpesa:

  • Dial *222#,
  • Select Send Money,
  • Select send to Mpesa,
  • Select the Safaricom mobile number,
  • Enter the amount you want,
  • Confirm your transaction,
  • Enter you PIN code for security,
  • Press OK.

That’s it!

Need to send money abroad?

Monisnap, the money transfer that give you smile!

Your first transfer is free!

Send mobile money in Kenya fast and free on a Mpesa wallet with Monisnap

Now that you know all you need to know about Mpesa in Kenya, you can start sending mobile money to your family. As you can see, there are many ways for this, but the best is to use Monisnap!

Monisnap is an online platform for money transfer. We enable money transfer between you and your people, to nearly 150 countries around the world! From your computer or your smartphone, you can register in minutes and send money anywhere securely and quickly.

For the sake of transparency, here is a simple and precise table to know our prices. We are totally honest with you. 

Money transfer fees on Monisnap

List of Monisnap fees to send mobile money

Complete table: amount sent and charges

First transferfree
Other amounts0.99£

Convinced? Follow the steps to do your first money transfer with Monisnap (it’s free!):

  • Register on your Monisnap account
  • Choose an amount
  • Enter your beneficiary's phone number
  • Enter your card detail
  • Your money is sent straightaway in his Mpesa wallet

No waiting, no extra-charges, Monisnap is quick. We assure the same service as a French bank, but our prices are totally fair: our mission is to save you money.

🤔 How to check my balance ?

You can see your balance at the end of every SMS each time you do a Mpesa transfer.

You can also see it in the Safaricom App in the menu: select Check Balance.

👍 Can I make a deposit on my Mpesa Account?

Yes you can ! Go to an authorized Mpesa Agent. Take your phone and original ID with you! With the agent, make the deposit you want. The agent will send you after e-money in exchange for cash. Both of you will finally receive an SMS from Mpesa confirming the transaction.

🤳 In case of problem, can I change my PIN?

Of course. To ensure your safety, you can change your PIN at any time (charge : KHS. 22)

From Mpesa menu, please select My Account

  • Click on Change PIN,

  • Enter your old PIN and press OK,

  • Enter your new PIN and confirm it,

  • Wait for the confirmation!

🚑 How to contact an Mpesa agent?

You can use you account on My Safaricom App to contact an Mpesa agent.

  • Open your app and log in

  • Select Talk to us

  • Select Chat with Customer Care Agent

  • Give the agent details of your problem!

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