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Send MNT mobile money in Cameroon: how does it work?

Mobile Money is a technology that allows people to receive, keep and spend money using a mobile phone. If you have already sent a bank deposit or cash withdrawal, you may want to try a transfer to a mobile wallet.

MTN is a telephone operator that offers to receive money on an MTN wallet directly (without having a bank account).

MTN Mobile Money is a secure electronic service that enables MTN Mobile Money wallet holders to store funds, send and receive money, make payments and do a number of other transactions simply using their mobile phone.

In this article, you will find out all about MYN Mobile Money service in Cameroon et all the MTN Mobile Money tariffs in Cameroon.

Mtn mobile money Cameroon : send money
Mtn mobile money Cameroon

MTN Mobile Money service in Cameroon

MTN Mobile Money is a secure electronic wallet service that’s available to smartphone users and those with basic feature phones on the MTN network in Cameroon. Money can be stored in the user’s MTN Mobile Money wallet and used to buy products and services in-store and online, pay bills and school fees, top-up mobile airtime, send money to other MTN mobile users as well as users on other networks, and much more.

Money is added instantly to MTN Mobile Money accounts. You only need to make sure that the recipient already has a Mobile Money account. You will need the recipient's Mobile Money number. Transfers to a mobile wallet are usually instantaneous, day or night. The recipient of the transfer does not need to travel to receive it.

Recipients will receive a notification on their mobile phone when the money is credited to their account. Senders of the transfer will also receive a notification once the transfer is completed.

Subscribe to MTN Mobile Money in Cameroon? It’s easy for existing MTN subscribers to set up MTN Cameroon Mobile Money. All you need to do is visit your local MTN Mobile Money agent with one form of valid ID, such as a Cameroonian passport, driver’s licence or Cameroonian ID.

You’ll then receive an SMS request asking you to complete the process and set your four-digit MTN Mobile Money PIN code. You will need your PIN to send or withdraw money from your account.

You can also set up your MTN Mobile Money account by using a USSD Code by dialing the code *126#.

All the rates of MTN Mobile Money in Cameroon

The table below shows the rates charged by MTN Mobile Money in Cameroon.

Money Transfer to a MTN Mobile Money customer:

Amount (XAF)To a MTN MoMo subscriber
100 - 10.0501%
10.051 - 13.550100
13.551 - 1.000.000125

Money Transfer to a non MTN Mobile Money customer:

Amount (XAF)To a non MTN MoMo subscriber
100 - 100.1003%
100.101 - 200.5003.100
200.501 - 400 5003.500
400.501 - 500.0004.000

Cash Withdrawals from my MTN Mobile Money Account:

Amount (XAF)For an MTN MoMo subscriber
100 - 5.9993%
6.000 - 10.050175
10.051 - 13.550300
13.551 - 25.050350
25.051 - 50.050700
50.051 - 75.1001.350
75.101 - 100.1001.800
100.101 - 200.5002.150
200.501 - 300.5002.600
300.501 - 400.5003.100
400.501 - 500.0003.500

MTN Cameroon: how to send mobile money in Cameroon?

You can send mobile money from MTN to MTN. Another useful service is the ability to transfer money from one MTN Mobile Money account to another, and to users on other networks:

  • Dial *126#
  • Select option 1 – Transfer Money
  • Select option 5 to choose networks
  • Enter your recipient’s phone number
  • Enter the amount you want to send

But if you are abroad and want to send mobile money to Cameroon, the best way is to do so is by using Monisnap.

Mtn mobile money Cameroon : send money abroad
MTN mobile money Cameroon

Send mobile money in Cameroon fast and free on a MTN wallet with Monisnap

There is a much easier way to send mobile money: Monisnap! Monisnap is a money transfer service that enables you to send money in more than 100 countries.

Send when you want, where you want, easily. Our mission is to make your money shipments simple, fast and fair.

Sending mobile money via the Monisnap app is a simple and secure way to send money to MTN Mobile Money users.

Monisnap allows you to centralize your means of sending money and making payments from your computer or your phone. With Monisnap, you don’t have to do any charges rates calculation: we made it for you! Our fees are the most attractive on the market. Use our online free simulator online to become aware of that!

For the rest, just:

  • Create an account and identify on Monisnap
  • Inform the payee and the amount
  • Confirm and the money can be instantly withdrawn by the payee in his country.

Why Monisnap? Because it’s secure, fast and fair and your first money transfer is free!

💳 Can I transfer funds from my bank account to my MTN Mobile Money wallet?

You can transfer funds from your bank directly to your MoMo account.

💰 How is MTN Mobile Money used?

MTN Mobile Money wallet holders can use their mobile money account in a number of ways. They can:

  • Receive and store money

  • Send money to any MTN mobile phone user with a registered MTN mobile money account

  • Withdraw cash at any authorized MTN Mobile Money agent

  • Top-up MTN airtime

  • Pay bills

  • Buy and pay for insurance

  • Pay employee salaries, airline tickets, school fees and other goods and services.

⚖️ How can I check my MTN Mobile Money balance?

There are a number of ways to check your MTN Mobile Money balance. But the best way is with the MTN mobile app. Among other things, it allows you to check your balance and check rates. It also offers you a better way to control all of your MTN mobile services.

💸 How to send mobile money?

With Monisnap, you can send mobile money for your mobile or for a beloved one! All in just a few seconds.

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