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Send MTN mobile money in Ghana: how does it work?

Need a way to send money abroad without paying extra-fees? You want to send money quickly and easily to your family out of Ghana? Don’t wait anymore and try MTN mobile money. With this new method, you’ll avoid banking fees and your recipient will get your money really fast!

MTN mobile money service in Ghana

MTN Group is a South-African network telecom operator. Since 1994, the company is a big agent in the telecom market all over Africa. In 2016, it became the eighth largest mobile network operator in the world with more than 232,2 million subscribers! The company is especially active in South-Africa, Ghana and Nigeria.

Since 2018, MTN has engaged itself into mobile money with its own financial transaction service: MoMo. What’s the purpose? Giving people an alternative for their financial transactions with their cellphones. With MTN’s mobile money, you can pay for many goods and services, such as daily products but also like mobile apps.

Thanks to MoMo, more than 22,2 million people in almost 15 countries are using an alternative financial transaction service. When you don’t have any access to a bank account, that’s very precious! Then, you’ll probably ask what’s the advantage of MTN mobile money Ghana? Well, there are several:

  • Make financial transactions abroad with low rates
  • Buy treasury bills
  • Become a merchant in some clicks
  • Open you own credit or debit account easily on your phone

And for that, you’ll first have to download MTN mobile money app Ghana! You’ll make all your operations on this app and it’ll be your only intermediary through you and your MoMo account. But let’s see the process later. First, have a look on MTN mobile money charges in Ghana.

MTN mobile money in Ghana: best offers
MTN mobile money in Ghana

All the rates of MTN mobile money in Ghana

If you want to compare MTN mobile money charges with traditional bank fees, just look at this table:

These MTN mobile money charges in Ghana should convince you that you’ve got a lot to earn with MoMo. Especially for money transfers. You’ve also got to know that as any mobile money service, there is a Ghana MTN mobile money adder generator free money app. You’ll find an app on Google play or the Appstore.

If you want to use MTN mobile money and get rid of all the hidden mark-ups from banks when you send your money abroad or all the heavy rates you’ve got to pay when you transfer your money, just download the app! You’ll be ready to send MTN mobile money from Ghana to Nigeria. It’s very easy, let’s learn how to do this.

MTN Ghana: how can the country receive mobile money?

First, let’s see how to register to MTN mobile money online in Ghana. You just have to go on MTN mobile money website or to download the app on your phone. If you want to receive mobile money when you’re in Ghana, you’ll have to register and create an MTN account. In order to do this, you’ll have to enter the MTN Ghana mobile money code that you received during the registration.

To be sure that the operation will be alright, follow all these steps:

Check that your payee in Ghana already downloaded and registered on MTN mobile money app. Verify that you’ve got their correct mobile money number.

  1. Select “Mobile money transfer”
  2. Choose “MTN mobile money” as the network you use
  3. Enter the currency and the amount of the transaction.
  4. You’ll receive an SMS if the operation was done properly.

If you want to know how to reset MTN mobile money PIN in Ghana. On your app, select “My account”, choose “PIN code forgotten” and enter the new PIN code you’ll have received.

Need to send money to Ghana?

Monisnap, your solution for mobile money transfers

The first one is free!

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Downloading the app for free redo

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Send mobile money in Ghana fast and free on a MTN wallet with Monisnap

Lost between all these money transfer services and mobile money apps? Discover our solution with Monisnap: it’s easy, it’s quick, and rates are even lower than MTN’s ones. In a few seconds, you’ll have access to Monisnap in order to save money!

Just follow these steps:

  • Identify on Monisnap mobile app
  • Choose the country you want to send money in
  • Choose the amount you want to send
  • Enter your beneficiary mobile phone number
  • That's it! Your beneficiary has reveived the money you sent on his MTN wallet and can immediately use the money available

It’s done! Your first mobile money transfer is FREE and the others will cost you only 0.99£, whatever the amount. Try it!

🌍 Can I send and receive MTN mobile money in Ghana?

Of course! Since 2018, MTN extended its MoMo (mobile money) service in Ghana. You can know use it for your financial operations!

đź’˛ Is MoMo more interesting for my financial transactions?

Well... Compared to traditional banks, it should. If you want to verify, just check the rates or look at the fee before making your transfer.

đź—“ How can I know if my payee received my Monisnap transfer?

It's very easy. When you make your transfer with Monisnap, your payee receives a text when the operation is done. You can even personalize the text to tell him what you want!

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