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Send MTN mobile money in Uganda: how does it work?

You want to try mobile money since a while? You need some information in order to send mobile money to a relative in Uganda? You’ll find all you need in this article about MoMo, MTN mobile money Uganda’s service. Since 2018, MoMo is enabling many people to have their own money services… Looks like it’s your turn!

MTN mobile money service in Uganda

MTN is one of the leading actors amongst all network telecom companies in Africa, but also in the world. Since 1994, after being founded in South-Africa, the activities of MTN extended to Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and many more countries in Africa. From mobile phone to financial services, MTN is assuming lots of customers: more than 230 million.

Since 2018, MTN opened its mobile money service in many African countries such as Uganda. Thanks to this mobile money, called MoMo, almost 22,2 million people can send and receive money without any access to a bank account. Why? Because mobile money allows you to make money transaction without opening an account into a traditional bank. You just have to use MTN’s mobile money, which is accepted by many resellers, shops and services, as a trade currency. Concretely, here is what you can do with MoMo:

  • Make financial transactions abroad with low rates
  • Buy treasury bills
  • Become a merchant in some clicks
  • Open you own credit or debit account easily on your phone

From your phone, you just have to create an account and then you’ll be able to use MTN Uganda mobile money services as anyone else. But let’s have a look on MTN’s rates if you want to compare them with traditional banks.

Send MTN mobile money in Uganda: transfer
Send MTN mobile money in Uganda

All the rates of MTN mobile money in Uganda

Send MTN mobile money in Uganda: best offers
Send MTN mobile money in Uganda

When you make financial operations such as sending MoMo or withdrawing it, you have to pay a fee according to the amount of your operation. That also depends on the agent implied. Check all the MTN mobile money tariffs Uganda in this table.

MTN mobile money tariffs in Uganda

Complete table: amout, MoMo fees, bank fees and withdrawal fees

AmountSending Money to MTNSending Money to the bankWithdraw from ATM
500 – 2,50030N/A0
2,501 – 5,0001001,5001,150
5,001 – 15,0003501,5001,150
15,001 – 30,0005001,5001,150
30,001 – 45,0006001,5001,400
45,001 – 60,0007501,5001,400
60,001 – 125,0001,0001,5002,150
125,001 – 250,0001,1002,2504,000
250,001 – 500,0001,2504,1006,650
500,001 – 1,000,0001,2506,15011,950
2,000,001- 4,000,0001,25011,300/

All the rates are inclusive in Ugandian Shillings.

You’ll also need additional information to get a complete overview on MoMo operations:

  • Daily transaction limit: UShs 7 000 000
  • Minimum account balance: UShs 0
  • Maximum account balance: UShs 15 000 000
  • Minimum transaction amount: UShs 50

As you can see, it can be advantageous comparing to traditional banks or other agents. Convinced? If you need a solution to send MoMo to someone abroad, don’t forget our solution, Monisnap. It’s quick, fast and cheap. Also, your first transfer is free!

MTN Uganda: how to send mobile money?

Want to use MoMo? The process is very easy. Just follow it and you’ll be free to send, receive and withdraw MoMo from your mobile phone in a few seconds. First, download MTN mobile money app Uganda or go to the website. During the MTN Uganda mobile money registration you’ll receive a code by SMS or email. Enter the MTN Uganda mobile money code to finish the registration.

For receiving mobile money in Uganda, that’s how it’s possible:

  1. Select “Mobile money transfer”
  2. Choose “MTN mobile money” as the network you use
  3. Enter the currency and the amount of the transaction.
  4. You’ll receive an SMS if the operation was done properly.

With your account, you’ll know have access to all MTN mobile money business in Uganda! If you want to know how to convert MTN airtime to mobile money in Uganda… With got answers for you! To buy airtime with MoMo, you

  • Buying airtime: 111 UShs
  • Send MTN Mobile Money to a registered number: 111 UShs
  • Send MTN Mobile Money to unregistered mobile user: 222 UShs
  • Send MTN Mobile Money to unregistered non-mobile user: 111 UShs
  • Bill payments: 222 UShs

Need a MoMo transfer in Uganda?

Monisnap, your solution for quick, cheap and easy transactions

First transfer is free!

Send mobile money in Uganda fast and free on a MTN wallet with Monisnap

Not convinced by these rates? Urgent need to send money to someone using a MTN wallet in Uganda? Don’t wait and try Monisnap, our solution for quick, cheap and easy money and mobile money transfers.

Just follow the process, and your friend in Uganda will receive MoMo in a few seconds!

  • Identify on Monisnap mobile app
  • Choose the country you want to send money in
  • Choose the amount of money you want to send
  • Enter your beneficiary mobile phone number
  • That's it! The payee can immediately use the money available in his MTN wallet

Simple, isn’t it? Your first money transfer is FREE! After that, it will cost you only 0.99£ per transfer, whatever the amount. Try it.

🔔 How can I tell someone that the transfer is done?

No need! With Monisnap, we send a text every time you make a transfer to inform your payee that the operation is done.

🔥 Can I refill my wallet at anytime?

Yes. With Mobile Money, your mobile wallet is available at any moment.

📞 How can I contact MTN customer service?

In Uganda, if you need to contact MTN about your mobile wallet, dial 122 on your MTN mobile. If you use another network, call 0771 001 000

🧐 What if I lose my mobile wallet password?

If you loose your password, you'll just have to repeat the registration operation in order to get a new password. That means you'll receive another PIN code.

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