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MTN mobile money: everything you need to know to send money abroad

A problem with your money transfers abroad? You used to send money to your relatives but fees are too expensive? Don’t wait anymore and try mobile money. With MTN mobile money, you’ll get access to a whole new universe of possibilities, but costs are reduced and processes are easier!

MTN: how works this service?

MTN mobile money : send money
MTN mobile money

Never heard about MTN? MTN is one of the strongest telecom network operator in the world. In more than 22 countries, especially in Africa and Asia, MTN is developing its activities such as mobile offers, home broadband, television and mobile money. Created in the 1990’s, it’s now the major shareholder of Africa Internet Group (AIG).

But what’s mobile money? Also called mobile wallet, mobile money is a way for many people excluded from banking system to have access to a money transfer service through their phones. With mobile money, you can send, receive and save money directly on your mobile. According to your operator, you’ll have access to a large part of goods and services available with mobile money.

That’s why since the end of the decade, many telecom operators are investing into mobile money. In some years, they have grown in the all world and you have now a large choice of different mobile wallets.

Let’s learn more about MTN mobile services. Then, you’ll be able to choose between the different operators and their respective offers.

MTN share price

Even if it looks surprising, MTN group survived easily to the Covid-19 crises. In March, as for almost all companies in the world, MTN share price fell down to 2 625 ZAC on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

MTN mobile money : covid crisis

Since then, MTN share price rose again and stabilized itself. In January, it was reaching 6 457 ZAC on the JSE. As for many strong operators, MTN share price is stable and reliable.

The different offers you can find on MTN

With MTN, you’ll find different types of offers. For personal requests, MTN provides mobile offers, internet offers, devices, and mobile wallets. For business, you can search for a cloud service, an Internet of Things service, or a communication server.

That means you’ll find different kinds of bundles, tariff plans and prepaid cards in order to choose a suitable one. On your mobile, you’ll have access to MTN mobile money if you download MTN mobile money adder app.

MTN mobile money presentation

Thanks to MTN, you’ll have access to a mobile wallet on your mobile phone. With this mobile wallet, you can send, receive and save money. For any of your financial operations, costs and fees are much cheaper than with traditional banking system. You won’t pay for hidden mark-ups!

MTN’s mobile money, called MoMo, works as an entire currency, and you’ll have to convert it to your local currency if you want to withdraw cash from an ATM or a MTN agent. That’s the advantage of mobile money: at any moment, you can decide to convert it into a physical currency!  Let’s have a look on the process you’ll have to follow in order to send MTN mobile money abroad. Or just go directly to the end of the article and find our solution for mobile money transfers, Monisnap.

Send mobile money with MTN

First, we’ll find how to register MTN mobile money myself. First, buy a MTN mobile money merchant sim and activate your offer on your device. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to make the MTN mobile money online registration. In order to do this, the company will send you a mobile money MTN code. After informing the code, you’ll be registered on MTN mobile money.

Now we’ve learnt how to register MTN mobile money, let’s see how to send mobile money with MTN. To be sure that the operation will be alright, follow all these steps:

Check that your payee already downloaded and registered on MTN mobile money app. Verify that you’ve got their correct mobile money number.

  1. Select “Mobile money transfer”
  2. Choose “MTN mobile money” as the network you use
  3. Enter the currency and the amount of the transaction.
  4. You’ll receive an SMS if the operation was done properly.

Sometimes, you’ll also need to verify the operation with a MTN mobile money PIN.

MTN mobile money: all the rates

When you make a mobile money operation, with MTN or with any operator, you have to pay for a service fee. That’s why if you want to compare which is the best operator in order to choose your mobile wallet, you can check tariffs for your mobile money operations. Checking tariffs is recommended before sending money abroad. Then, you’ll know what’s the MTN mobile money commission in Zambia or what about MTN mobile money rates Uganda.

Let’s check MTN mobile money Cameroon tariffs.

Money transfer to a MTN MoMo customer

MTN mobile money Cameroon tariffs for a MTN Momo customer

Complete table: amount and tariffs

Amount (XAF) To an MTN MoMo subscriber
100 - 10.0501%
10.051 - 13.550100
13.551 - 1.000.000125

Money transfer to a non MTN MoMo customer

MTN mobile money Cameroon tariffs for a non MTN MoMo customer

Complete table: amount and tariffs

Amount (XAF)To a subscriber without an MTN MoMo account
100 - 100.1003%
100.101 - 200.5003.100
200.501 - 400.5003.500
400.501 - 500.0004.000

Cash withdrawals from my MTN MoMo account

Cash withdrawals tariffs in Cameroon from a MTN MoMo account

Complete table: amount and tariffs

Amount (XAF) For an MTN MoMo Subscriber
100 - 5.999 3%
6.000 - 10.050 175
10.051 - 13.550 300
13.551 - 25.050350
25.051 - 50.050700
50.051 - 75.1001.350
75.101 - 100.1001.800
100.101 - 200.5002.150
200.501 - 300.5002.600
300.501 - 400.5003.100
400.501 - 500.0003.500

For MTN mobile money Rwanda:

MTN Rwanda MFS Price Structure

MTN mobile money Rwanda tariffs

Complete table: amount and tariffs

Min - MaxP2C (Non MoMo Registered)Deposit (Cash-in)Withdraw (Cash – out)
1- 100N/A 050
101-300300 50
301-1,0002500 100
1,001- 3,0004000 200
3,001-5,0006000 250
5,001-10,0007000 275
10,001-20,0007500 350
20,001- 40,0001,0000 600
40,001- 75,0002,0000 1,100
75,001- 150,0003,0000 2,000
150,001- 300,0004,0000 3,000
300,001- 500,0006,0000 6,000
500,001- 1,000,00010,5000 9,000
1,000,001- 2,000,00019,5000 17,000

You’ll find other rates on MTN mobile money Cameroon, such as for every country where MTN is developing its activities. MTN Ghana, MTN Zambia or MTN Uganda mobile money services are available for everyone with a MTN mobile money Ghana code, or Zambia code, etc…

Reach MTN customer support

If you need to contact MTN customer support, you’ll have three different options.

  • Using contact form
  • Using contact numbers
  • By social media

On MTN website, you’ll find a contact form to fill with your problem and personal information in order to alert MTN and ask for help. Still, you can use MTN assistance and dial #135 or #083 135 in order to get phone assistance for your problem. [email protected] is also a valid mail address. If you want a quick answer, contact MTN on LinkedIn or Instagram to get their attention.

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🧭 Why should I choose MTN mobile wallet?

You've got the choice among many different mobile wallets! Look at the rates and services and choose the best one.

đź“ž How can I join MTN customer care?

For Customer Care, dial #135 or send a mail to [email protected], and if it doesn't work, fill the form on MTN website.

đź’Ś How can I send money to a mobile wallet abroad?

If you're in the UK and you need to send money on a MTN mobile wallet in Uganda, use Monisnap and benefit from a cheap, quick and easy money transfer service.

🤔 What is mobile money?

Mobile money is an alternative money operations service using your phone. It entirely depends on your operator, but tariffs and services are a very good alternative for traditional banks.

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