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O2 balance: how to manage your account online

O2 is the second biggest mobile network operator in the UK. Now with Virgin Media combined, they’re the Great Britain’s largest, fastest, and most reliable one. They offer the fastest broadband speeds at lower prices and flexible plans.

O2 top up deals: the best offers online

O2 balance: login
O2 balance

‘Fair deal for all’: that’s O2’s pledge. Which is why they offer a varied range of ways you can top up fast your Pay As You Go devices. At fair prices with benefits. 

If you want to do it online, the options to recharge are between £10 and £30. You'll just need your mobile number and a UK credit or debit card handy. You don’t have to register nor open an O2 online account (My O2). But if you’re planning to do it several times, you can sign up and make future top ups quicker and easier.

You could also set the ‘auto top up’ to never run out of credit.
If you want to do it using an O2 e-card or voucher, you can pay by cash, credit or debit card in the O2 stores, and can top up between £10 and £50. You can also do it by phone starting at £10.

However you choose, you’ll get the same perks and goodies: O2 rewards  (get up to 10% of your top-ups back every three months), access to ‘Priority’ (O2 program where you can get exclusive tickets, offers and experiences), and get a £5 when you register for My O2 on a Pay As You Go device.

O2 tariffs

You’re wondering how much you'll pay for your data, credits and extra consumption? That will depend on your device: if is a phone or an iPad/tablet. In any case, they’re all contract-free. 

For your phone, the credits are four different ones: £10, £15, £20 and £30. All with unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. Data rollovers up to 7GB, 15GB, 30GB and 100GB respectively. No matter which sim card credit you choose, you’ll get to claim £10 free credit. 
If on the other hand you have an iPad or tablet, it will depend on how much you’ll surf and the kind of sim you choose: preloaded or not. The top up tariffs start at £3 for 300MB that lasts 24 hours, to £75 for 20GB that lasts12 months. Some tariffs offer a 10% auto top-up discount. Go to www.o2.co.uk/tablet-sims to see them all.

For more details on O2 tariffs and international calling rates, go
to www.o2.co.uk/shop/all-tariffs

O2 balance: how to top up my O2 phone online?

There are few options: you can either do it in the O2 website myo2payg.o2.co.uk — registered or not for My O2 account—, select the kind of top-up you’re after (between £10 and £30), and pay by card. Important: your card will need to be from a UK bank and registered to a UK address. You can only top up in pounds, not pence.

Or you can also do it in 1min with Monisnap * at allo.monisnap.com. The no. 1 in mobile top-ups !

O2 balance: offers
O2 balance

How do I check my O2 balance?

You have two main options: 

The easiest way to manage your account, is by signing into My O2 account. Besides checking your usage and remaining balance, you can also set up auto top-ups and manage your O2 Rewards. You can sign in to My O2 from any device to check your balance, even if you don’t have your sim with you.

By call. You can try one of the three following options: press Hotkey 2 on your mobile phone, key *#10# then press the call button or dial 4444 for free from your mobile. You’ll just need at least one minute of call time credit to make a call. When your call
time falls below this point, you'll receive messages reminding you that you are nearly out of credit. Eventually, you will be diverted to the O2 Top-Up Line. 

O2: top up online in 1min with Monisnap (ex Allo)

There are just three simple steps to follow: enter the phone number you want to top up, select the credit or data you need, and pay securely by Visa or MasterCard. That’s it! The top-up is credited instantly. At the best price, in seconds, for you or your
friends, and with no need to verify identity to make the purchase.

There are three the prepaid cards offered with Monisnap for O2 top ups in Pound Sterling: £15, £20 and £25. Your credit and your data will last for 30 days. The perks of toping up with Monisnap? Lower prices, international payment options and we reward fidelity! If you have 4 loyalty star (1 star = 1 top up), we'll grant you 1 top up with 0 fees.

❓ What is O2 check balance ?

O2 check balance is the service which allows you to get all the information you need on your account and how much credit or data are left.

😎 Does O2 provides unlimited data?

O2 has one plan including unlimited data, minutes and texts! YOu can discover every O2 plan in the article above!

💰 How can I top up?

It's simple! Just go on the website of Monisnap (ex Allo) or on the phone application to top up in a minute! Monisnap is the quickest and cheapest way to top up online. No need to move out!

💡 Why should I use Monisnap (ex Allo)?

Because it is the more simple, fastest and cheapest way to top up your phone!

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