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O2 España: everything you need to know about the service in España

Are you planning to vacation or move to Spain in the near future and are looking for a new phone number? Or maybe you have friends or family who live in Spain and could benefit from a credit top-up? We recommend using O2 España (Spain), O2 mobile

If you are in need of a mobile operator or are just looking to make a switch from your previous one, O2 España might just be the right fit for you. Although a rather new actor on the telecommunications market in Spain, O2 already has many happy customers. You could be one of them. 

In this article, we will provide you with information about O2’s mobile services, rates, top-up plans and much more. Does this spike your interest? Read ahead, you’ll get all the details you need regarding O2 España and how to top up an O2 phone!

O2 service in España

O2 España: top up a phone
O2 España

O2 España is a subsidiary of the Spanish multinational telecommunications company Telefónica. The operator started working in Spain in June 2018 and has seen a rapid growth ever since. The telecommunications operator provides services such as fixed-line telephone, mobile, and internet connection. 

Since the launch in 2018, O2 España has managed to build a steady acquisition strategy, by the end of 2019 having reached around 350,000 satisfied customers, of which half on mobile services. 

O2 also operates in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Germany, holding important market shares. 
In the sections below, you will learn everything you need to know about the O2 España tarifas (rates), as well as the quickest ways to top-up an O2 number.

All the rates of O2 España

Being a rather new actor on the telecommunications market, O2 España practices very attractive rates. There are two main mobile plans you can get, both on working as prepaid services and that do not require a contract subscription. 

The O2 España 10€ plan comes with 10GB worth of data and unlimited call credit. The 20€ plan comes with 30GB worth of data and unlimited call credit and texting as well. The bonuses for both offers are as follows: 

  • No contract or penalties.
  • Unlimited SMS
  • If you consume all your data before your plan expires,you can continue browsing at no extra cost at 64 kbps. If you prefer, you can buy a data top-up. 
  • Free SIM card delivery.
  • Telefónica provided network and coverage.

It would be a shame to pass on such an offer, considering the O2 rates. Quite a bargain, wouldn’t you say so?

O2 España: find out how to top up your phone

The easiest way to top up an O2 España mobile phone is by using Monisnap (ex Allo). All you need to do is input the number you want to top-up, choose the plan, pay with Visa or Mastercard on our secured platform and enjoy your top-up immediately.

Reach the O2 Customer Care 

There are four ways in which you can reach the O2 España (Spain) Customer care: by phone, email, social media and an online form. 

In order to contact O2 España by mobile, all you have to do is dial 1551 from your O2 mobile phone, from Monday to Sunday, between 9am and 22pm. 

The Customer Care service is also available by email at [email protected]

If you’re more comfortable using social media for your inquiries regarding O2 España, send them a private message on their Twitter account @O2ES. The service is available from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 18pm. 

Last, you can also contact the O2 España Customer Care service via an online form.

Top up your phone in 1min with Monisnap (ex Allo)

Do you want to top up a friend’s O2 España phone number in just one minute? Use Monisnap (ex Allo), the fastest way to recharge a mobile in just a couple of clicks!  

You can purchase mobile top-ups for call credit or mobile data at the exact same fares that you find on O2. 

Here’s how it works: 

  • choose the mobile and the amount you wish to top-up 
  • pay securely on our platform using your Visa or Mastercard 
  • enjoy your instantly credited top-up 

As a bonus, for each top-up, mobile or data, you earn one loyalty star. Four stars equal one top-up with zero fees.

Use Monisnap (ex Allo): fast, easy and secure!

🚨 How can I get my O2 SIM?

To get your O2 SIM, follow this process:

  •       Choose your free SIM on the “Pay as you go” section of O2 website

  •       Wait 1-2 working days for the delivery

You’ll just have to top up your phone and it’ll be done.

🌍 In which countries is O2 available?

O2 is present in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Spain and Germany. 

🚀 Can I top up my phone abroad?

Prepaid plans can be recharged from anywhere, just follow the procedure mentioned above. With Monisnap (ex Allo), you can also top up your phone from anywhere.

🧭 Can I find the same O2 mobile top-up plans on Allo by Monisnap as on their website?

Exactly! With Monisnap (ex Allo), all the O2 prepaid plans are available! You can visit our website to discover the offers: clear and easy to understand. Data, texts, calls: all that you need is available and affordable with Monisnap!

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