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O2 sim: top up credit and data in 1mn!

Are you located in the UK and in need of a sim deal? Check the offers from O2 sim, you might just find what you are looking for. 

In this article we’ll give you a couple of details about O2 and all the information you need to know on how to get the best sim deal for your needs. 

If you are in need of a quick top-up for your O2 mobile, remember that you can always use Monisnap (ex Monisnap), a quick and easy way to top-up an O2 phone credit and data! 

Enjoy the reading! 

O2 presentation

O2 sim: top up a mobile phone
O2 sim

O2 Mobile (previously Cellnet) is the second largest telecommunications services provider in the UK, after EE. 

Officially formed in 1985 with headquarters in Slough, England, O2 was originally created as a joint venture between BT Group and Securidor. However, O2 was bought in 2006 and is now owned by the Telefonica group, a Spanish multinational telecommunications company. O2 is officially incorporated as Telefonica UK Ltd., however, the owner decided to keep the brand as O2. The company also has two subsidiaries: Giffgaff and 50% of Tesco Mobile. 

O2 has over 23 million satisfied customers, which makes it easy to understand why the brand is in the top 3 preferred telecommunications services. O2 runs 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks across the UK, as well as operating O2 Wifi. On top of that, O2 Mobile also provides mobile broadband services, Sim Only deals, phone contracts and more. 

What are the O2 sim deals?

There are two types of O2 sim deals: Pay Monthly sim and Pay as you go sim. Here are a few details regarding both offers. 

O2 Pay Monthly sim deals

The Pay Monthly sim works like a subscription. You can choose a contract length of 30 days (renewable each month) and 12 or 18 months. Here are the detailed plans O2 provides on these deals. 

O2 Pay Monthly sim deals 30 day contract

Complete table: cost, data plan and options

CostData PlanTextsMinutes

The 12 and 18 months O2 sim plans come with more interesting features and bonuses. In the tables below, you will get all the details regarding sim offers on both contract lengths. 

O2 Pay Monthly sim deals 12 month contract

Complete table: cost, data plan and options

CostData Plan Texts & MinutesBonus
£8.0010GBUnlimited6 months Disney+
£18.0050GBUnlimited6 months Disney+
£20.00150GBUnlimitedChoose between the offers
£35.00UnlimitedUnlimitedChoose between the offers

Also take a look at the 18 month contract sim deals. If you are not planning to relocate soon, they might just be the best deals for you. 

O2 Pay Monthly sim deals - 18 month contract

Complete table: cost, data plan and options

CostData Plan Texts & MinutesBonus
£10.005GBUnlimited6 months Disney+
£12.0010GBUnlimited6 months Disney+
£15.0030GBUnlimitedChoose between the offers
£20.00100GBUnlimitedChoose between the offers
£30.00UnlimitedUnlimitedChoose between the offers

The bonuses for the 12 and 18 month O2 contract deals are free memberships for 6 months to Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music Unlimited, McAfee or Calm. Depending on your subscription, choose the benefit that you get the most use out of.  

O2 Pay as you Go sim deals

As the name indicates it, for these O2 sim deals there is no contract plan. You only pay once and then you are free to top-up anytime you like or need. The call and data credit, O2 internet expires however after 30 days. 

Here are the plans for the O2 Pay as you Go sim: 

O2 Pay as you Go sim deals

Complete table: cost, data plan and options

CostData PlanMinutesTexts
£10 6GBUnlimitedUnlimited

Now that you know all about the O2 sim bundles, all you need is to order and activate your sim card. Check the section just below to see how you can do that.

O2 sim: how can I activate my sim?

Depending on which O2 sim bundle you decided on, there are two ways to activate your sim card. No need to go on O2 online, it's more simple!

Activate your O2 sim as a Pay Monthly customer: 

  • if you are using a plastic sim, just pop it into your device and it will activate immediately
  • for an eSIM, download the eSIM profile to your device, using the QR code in your eSIM pack

Activate your O2 sim as a Pay as you Go customer: 

  • for a plastic sim, pop-it into your device first
  • top-up with call or data credit in order to activate it 
  • as soon as it connects to the O2 network, you’re good to go! 

As you can see, activating your O2 sim card only takes a couple of seconds. Now, take a look at the top-up offers below and make the most out of your O2 sim deal.

How can I top up my O2 sim card?

Now that you’ve seen the O2 sim deals and have activated yours, we will show you how to top-up your card so that you never run out of call credit or mobile data. 

O2 has a wide variety of mobile top-ups that you can choose from, depending on your needs. Don’t forget you can also use Monisnap (ex Allo), for a quick top-up, easy and secure. 

Here are the detailed types of top-up plans for O2 sim . 

O2 sim web top-up: 

  • Top up between £10 and £30 online. 
  • Choose the number you wish to top-up and pay by credit or debit card. 
  • You can only pay with a card from a UK bank and registered to a UK address

Auto top-up: 

  • Login to your My O2 account
  • Choose the amount you want to be topped on your mobile at a certain date or when you run out of credit
  • Input your credit or debit card
  • O2 automatically tops-up your sim and the payment will appear on your card 

Top-up by phone: 

  • In case you can’t connect to internet, call 4444 free from your O2 mobile
  • Follow the instructions and choose the top-up you need, starting from £10 
  • Pay by credit or debit card. You can only pay with a card from a UK bank and registered to a UK address

Top-up abroad:

  • For abroad top-ups for your O2 sim deal, follow the same procedure as for regular phone top-ups. 
  • In case the country does not allow you to call 4444, simply enter *111*# and then press call
  • All calls are free of charge for this type of top-up

Now you have all the information you need to use your O2 sim card. We hope you enjoy it!

Top up in 1mn with Monisnap (ex Allo)

O2 plans: all the offers
O2 sim

O2 top up online in 1mn with Monisnap (ex Allo)

Do you want to top up a friend’s phone number in just one minute? Use Monisnap (ex Allo)!  

You can purchase O2 top up card, mobile top-ups for call credit or mobile data at the exact same fares that you find on O2. 

Here’s how it works: 

  • choose the mobile and the amount you wish to top-up 
  • pay securely on our platform using your Visa or Mastercard 
  • enjoy your instantly credited top-up 

As a bonus, for each top-up, mobile or data, you earn one loyalty star. Four stars equal one top-up with zero fees.

Use Monisnap (ex Allo): fast, easy and secure!

🚨 How can I get my O2 SIM?

To get your O2 SIM, follow this process:

  •       Choose your free SIM on the “Pay as you go” section of O2 website

  •       Wait 1-2 working days for the delivery

You’ll just have to top up your phone and it’ll be done.

📞 How can I contact the O2 customer service by phone?

Reach the O2 Customer Service by phone. All numbers are available between 8am and 9pm from Monday to Friday or 8 am to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Here are the numbers you can use to call them: 

  • For your Pay Monthly service, call 222 from your O2 Mobile

  • Four your Pay as you Go service, 4445 from your O2 Mobile

  • If you are using a landline, cal 0344 8090222 

  • Call +44 7860 980 202 from abroad

🌍 In which countries is O2 mobile available?

O2 mobile is only present in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

🚀 Can I top up my phone abroad?

Prepaid plans can be recharged from anywhere, just follow the procedure mentioned above. With Monisnap (ex Allo), you can also top up your phone from anywhere.

🧭 Can I find the same O2 mobile top-up plans on Monisnap (ex Allo) as on their website?

Exactly! With Monisnap (ex Allo), all the O2 Mobile prepaid plans are available! You can visit our website to discover the offers: clear and easy to understand. Data, texts, calls: all that you need is available and affordable with Monisnap (ex Allo)!

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