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Three data plans: top up your mobile in 1 minute!

Hard enough to find the best data plans to get the most out of your phone? You are travelling in United Kingdom or live there? You are at the right place! Find out everything you need to know about Three data plans, and how Monisnap (ex Allo) can make your life easier!

Discover Three data plans, stay connected at any moment and top up in a minute!


Three data plans: mobile top up
Three data plans

Three UK (legally Hutchison 3G UK Limited) is a British telecommunications and internet service provider currently based in Reading, England. It is a subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings, operating under the global Three brand. Three is the fourth-largest mobile network operator in the United Kingdom, with 13.3 million subscribers as of July 2020.

The company launched on 3 March 2003 as the United Kingdom's first commercial 100% 3G network. It provides 3G, 4G and 5G (in certain areas) services through its own network infrastructure.

Three began a limited rollout of 4G LTE services in December 2013 in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Reading expanding to over a further 450 locations by the end of 2014. In August 2012 Three was given permission to use part of the 1,800 MHz spectrum used by EE's 4G network.

On 20 February 2013 Ofcom announced that Three had been awarded 2 x 5 MHz (10 MHz) of 800 MHz to use for 4G. Three planned to launch 4G in the second quarter of 2013, however it delayed the rollout until Q4, saying that it wanted to analyse the performance of other networks' 4G coverage first. The network provides LTE and DC-HSDPA service as a standard feature to all its subscribers using "Ultrafast" to describe both technologies, making it the cheapest price for 4G and the only unlimited 4G in the UK.

On 23 April 2015, Three mobile announced that VoLTE would be rolled out along with 800 MHz spectrum from September.

Three data plans: the best offers

Three data plans are many and contain different elements in greater or lesser quantities such as data of course but also sms and local or international credit. Depending on the offer and the data quantity contained in the Three data plan, the price will be higher or lower.

Some other data SIM plans only provide data for one month.

You will find the right Three data plan according to your needs.

Here are most popular Three data plans:

List of Three data plans offers

Complete table: price, data, minutes and texts

Price per month£10.00 during 6 months ; then £20.00 per month£16.00£5.00 during 6 months ; then £10.00 per month£6.00£14.00£13.00£15.00
MinutesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited200 minutesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Three tariffs

Three mobile tariffs depends on the Three data plan you choose (among those outlined above for example). If you just need a top up, some recharge modes limit the amount of the top up or define a minimum amount.

How can I buy a Three data plan online?

In UK, you can top up Three mobile with My3 top up account, which allows you to register a credit/debit card for quick future top-ups.:

  • To register a credit/debit card and top-up, select Top-up your account from the My3 homepage, then select the Credit/debit card tab and register this card for future use on the payment screen. You can also register a card by going to the Manage cards section of My3 and selecting Add card.
  • To make a one-off card payment, simply fill in your payment details or select the One-off payment option.
  • To top-up by voucher, select Top-up your account from the My3 homepage, then select the Voucher tab and follow the instructions to top-up.

You can also top up via Web top up of Tree mobile, without having to register and just entering your phone number and a credit or debit card.

In any case, you can subscribe to any Three data plan on Three store website.  

An easiest and fastest way to top up your phone with Three top up is to use Monisnap (ex Allo)! With Monisnap (ex Allo), top up Three credit and data in 1 minute!

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How do I check my Three internet balance?

To check how much data you have if you don’t have the Three app:

  • Type mobile.three.co.uk into your phone’s browser
  • Select My3 Account
  • Select Check allowance now

Three mobile: top up your phone in 1 minute with Monisnap (ex Allo)

Want to buy a phone top-up now? Monisnap (ex Allo) is the easiest and cheapest way to top up your credit in a minute!

With Monisnap, you can buy credit top up from many operators including Three top up, with the most competitive rates on the market! Monisnap (ex Allo) is here to make your work easier and to allow you to benefit as simply as possible from credit or internet top-ups.

It is quite simple. Either on the website of Monisnap or on the mobile application:

  • Enter the country and phone number you want to top up
  • Choose the Three mobile credit or data top-up you want
  • Pay on our secure website

You are all set! The beneficiary's mobile will then be credited in one of the following ways depending on the top-up purchased:

  • If it is an "Instant top-up", it will be automatically credited to the recipient's mobile, who will receive a confirmation SMS
  • If it is a "PIN top-up", you will receive a PIN code by email and on your customer area with the instructions to follow to top up the mobile

The type of recharge (instant or PIN) is indicated in the description of each recharge.

Get your top up right now!

🧐 What is Three UK?

Three UK is a British mobile and Internet operator, based in England.

👀 What are the tariffs for a Three UK sim?

Two Three UK sim plans are available regarding your expected consumption and your payment preferences. 

🙌 How can I contact the Customer Service?

Find in the article below how to contact the Three Customer Service. 

👌 How to top up my Three UK sim?

With Monisnap (ex Allo), you can top up in 1mn a SIM and for free!

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