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Airtel : everything you need to know about the service

You want to send money to your family in Africa or in Asia ? They don’t have any bank account ? Find a solution with Monisnap and Airtel and discover a simple, fair and quick way to transfer mobile money to your beloved ones. Today, we present Airtel, its services and its solutions : have a look !

Airtel service presentation

Airtel : send mobile money

Bharti Airtel is a global telecommunications services created in India by Sunil Bharti Mittal. Airtel is present in 18 countries, especially in South Asia, Africa and, of course, India. It is the second largest mobile network operator in India and in the world with 423,28 million subscribers. Airtel provides many services, from mobile telephony to broadband internet and digital television.

In 2010, Airtel decide to buy Zain’s mobile operations in 15 African countries for $9 billion, becoming one of the first mobile telephony provider in the world. In India, the company’s product offerings include 2G, 3G and 4G wireless services, mobile commerce, fixed line services, high speed home broadband, and enterprise services. Few years ago, Airtel decided to create Airtel Money in order to offer solutions to people excluded from the common banking system. At the end of 2019, Airtel Money was announcing 16,6 million active customers. Airtel is available on Monisnap, your solution to send money fast and free with minimum fees !

Airtel share price

Bharti Airtel share price on the NSE India Stock Exchange was 415,05 INR on the 12th of October 2020, the equivalent in dollars is 5,6 USD. The Airtel Africa share price on the London Stock Exchange was 65 GBX on the 12th of October 2020, the equivalent in dollars is 0,84 USD.

Airtel : the operator

As it entered on the London Stock Exchange in 2019, Airtel Africa was the biggest African valuation of the year. Still, the share price went down at the beginning. But Airtel Africa consolidated its valuation on the London Stock Exchange since, thanks to Airtel Money, the most solid part of Airtel Africa.

The different offers you can find on Airtel

The list of services offered by Airtel has no end. As a world network operator, Airtel has a great scale of products. Here are a list of the best Airtel offers :

  • If your relations with your banks are not easy, the Airtel Payments Bank can assure you a safety and trustworthy system adapted to small capitals and daily life money transfers.
  • For a fast home broadband joined to a nice offer, Airtel also proposes lots of combinations to find your desire : a broadband assorted with Amazon Prime Video or a Playstation.
  • Frequent traveller ? Airtel also provides international Roaming Packages with more than 5GB data for people in need of internet all around the globe.
  • As a classic, if you are in India or in on of the 17 African countries where Airtel is present, you can buy at any mobile shop an Airtel prepaid card for your phone.

For those who have an Airtel wallet or want to send money to an Airtel wallet, Monisnap can provide a fast and easy solution.

Airtel mobile money presentation

Your family abroad doesn’t have any bank account ? They have been excluded or they are in trouble with their bank ? Get rid of this system and use mobile money ! Instead of paying with cash, cheque, or credit cards, you can use your mobile to pay for a wide range of services and digital or hard goods and send your mobile money to someone else all around the world. That without any brokers.

Airtel : mobile money
Airtel : mobile money

Airtel money allows you to perform financial operations with your mobile phone. With Airtel money, you will also be able to :

  • Pay your bills
  • Put money in your wallet, directly on your phone
  • Buy many goods and pay all services
  • Send and receive money abroad
  • Buy phone credit for yourself or someone else

Your payments will be credited on your bank account or on your Airtel bills, as you prefer. Be sure to be part of Airtel network before using it, only Airtel customers are able to register for Airtel money services. The Airtel recharge will take you just a second with Monisnap, with fair fees and easily. Let’s see how it works !

Send mobile money with Airtel

Here is how to send mobile money. First, you have to create your Airtel money account. Once this is done, don’t hesitate to change your password and your Airtel login for more safety ! After that, your have to recharge your account a first time. The airtel online recharge is immediate.

Now, you have to go on the airtel menu of your phone and select the operation you want to realize :

  • Buy credit
  • Send money
  • Pay the bill
  • Bank
  • Active your bundle
  • Services
  • My account

To do an Airtel online recharge and supply your account with Airtel money, go to your certified reseller give it your number and the amount of liquidity you want to recharge, give him your phone number and just wait for the transaction to be done. If you need to change your Airtel money with cash, the process is the same ! Though, you can also use Monisnap to do your operations, just see below what is our solution…

Reach the customer support

If you made a wrong transfer, which is very unlikely as there is a review of the transaction details before the operation, you can reach the Airtel assistance with the phone number of your country. Once the case has been lodged in, within 7 days after the transaction, Airtel will endeavour to reverse the funds back to the sender.

You can also reach Airtel Customer Care Center from any country on internet, and process to a phone call or explain your problem through the web service.

If you still have a question, have a look on Airtel FAQs available in all countries where Airtel is present.

Send mobile money fast and free on an Airtel wallet with Monisnap

Need to send money abroad ?

Monisnap, the money transfer fair and easy

Your first transfer is free !

You don’t have an Airtel account but you still want to send mobile money fast and free to someone ? Use Monisnap and make it easy with your mobile money transactions. Instead of creating an Airtel account, which isn’t possible in every country, and having to pay heavy fees, try our solution, fair, fast and simple. With Monisnap, you can :

  • Send money directly to your recipient who will just have to withdraw it on one of our 350 000 partner agencies
  • Send money directly to your recipient Airtel’s wallet
  • Send mobile credit or internet data with Allo by Monisnap

If you want to make it easier and send the money right to an Airtel’s wallet with Monisnap, follow these steps :

  • Identify on Monisnap webpage or mobile app
  • Inform the payee and the amount
  • Confirm. The payee can immediately use the money available in his Airtel’s wallet

That’s it, low fee, fast transaction and easy operation ! Try a first and free money transfer with Monisnap.

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😀 What is Bharti Airtel ?

Bharti Airtel is a network operator company based in India and Africa having is own mobile money service : Airtel money

⭐ What is mobile money ?

Mobile money is a way to send, receive and save money only with your phone without a bank account !

➡ How does mobile money work ?

Your mobile money account is linked to your operator, if it's Airtel, you'll have to create an Airtel money account

💡 Why should I use Monisnap ?

With Monisnap, you can send money to anyone in more than 100 countries no matter the operator of your recipient !

In less than 1 minute, with low fees and an easy process, Monisnap facilitates your money transfers.


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